Story of being Ah Girl

I hate it when people, usually the sellers call me Ah Girl.

To me, Ah Girl refers to 5 years old girl, not a full grown lady.

There was one time I was in a furniture shop, helping my parents to fill up delivery form and that uncle handed me the form and said, 'Ah Girl, fill up this form ok?' I looked at him like WTF. Seriously, who are you referring to!? Don't look at me, I am NOT a child. GEEZ

While, something is even worse. My friend loves to call others Ah Girl, my typical close friend. When she sms, the first two words are: Hey girl, ..... etc etc. or she would call us 'GIRL, you know ah .....' I have a thought that she might be reading this. HAHA


Another time was walking in night market with boyfie and we were laughing like mad because of some jokes or something, a mango seller held up his mango and pointed at my boyfie and said 'See your girlfriend's laugh is so sweet, buy some of my mango and her laughs will be even sweeter.' I looked at him and gave him WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM look. My bf just could not stop laughing afterwards.

Oops, no ah girl but it's a funny incident LOL

So is there any calling names, nicknames that irritates you? Share out because sharing is caring!


  1. When I was in school, ppl always tease me and call me submerryn. when i am big enuf, i use that to my pride and started and here i am.. a blogger with the name :D

  2. My pet peeve is being called Mei.... Like, everywhere also got ppl called Mei. Doesn't help that it's part of my name, and i'm the youngest. So i'm stuck with being called Mei by all of the relatives. =____=