How To: Clean dust or dirt in camera lens

Are you annoyed your camera whenever you see those nasty spots on your pictures taken?
Do you ever felt like smashing your old camera and get a new one instead? OR,
do you spend WHOLE DAY just to photoshop the spots on your pictures?

It happens to me every time. Fortunately, I just found out a solution to all camwhores out there on get rid these filthy nasty spots on your camera lens. =] Most users commented that it is impossible to get rid of the dust by doing it yourself because of how complicated it can be. However, I was so geram with the camera and I googled it EVERYWHERE just to get the information on how to remove these dust UNTIL... I saw a Youtube video about this. 

All you need is:- 
1.  Mini screwdrivers
2.  Blower
3  Lint-free cloth
4. Of course, your own camera!

I tried this and it works like wonders! A reminder to those who want to try this out:

PS: I am not sure whether it works for DSLR or not, I tried this on my digital camera =)


  1. same here...for now i think i need to send in my lenses to nikon too. hopefully it does not take them 3 whole weeks like my last wait for my lense repair.

  2. looks promising. i can try it on my Lumix.THANX!

    Will try only of the D90 when someone tries it:P

  3. i've done quite a lot of clicks on my LX3 and she's sustained a scratch while I was shooting a speeding Ferrari. Its almost time to retire the baby...she has served me well.

    Toying around which point and shoot to get now. Its much lighter and easier to fit into the handbag versus the D90.

  4. Hello! I am not sure about Nikon cuz I don't have their products. For the Panasonic Lumix I have to send to Shah Alam HQ but it would take so much of time and I can't live without my camera. I found this video that really saved my life! =D 

    Yeah, sensor is like THE GOD in the camera :D

  5. The most I would do to clean my DSLR is to lock the mirrors down and use the rocket blower. If that doesn't work, I will send it to Nikon. Any damage to the sensor would be disastrous especially if I tried to clean it myself.