Great Food is Like Great Sex

Great food is like great sex, the more you have the more you want. -Gael Greene

Hence, the slogan of the newly opened cafe restaurant pH Pastry House at Jalan Utama, off Jalan Imbi. My friend, Matthew is one of the baker in this cafe and he had been bugged me for weeks to try out his creations in this two weeks new restaurant. Why not? I am a pastry lover!

Anyway, boyfriend and I decided to come to this place without informing Matthew. The place is not  hard to find, it is along Jalan Utara, few bungalows along Beryl's Chocolate House. Once we reached, I sms-ed Matthew and he was shocked to meet us :D

Meet my friend, Matthew

Okay, done with introductory crap. Let's move on to FOOD!

Classic Beef Bolognese for RM15.90
Mushroom soup for RM9.00

Tiramisu, all thanks to Matthew for belanja me :D
Vienna Coffee for RM8.50

So, what does this place looks like?

Credits: pH Facebook page

Raspberry PannaCotta via pH Facebook Page
Pastries selection

Desserts selection

I have to say, the place is different compared to Levain's (read here). pH is modern and yet, cozy whereas Levain's has the France feeling :] I do not know how to rephrase my words, so sorry for that. Anyway, the food here is simply delicious and I must say, the pasta is so freaking nice! Also, Matthew wanted me to try out his Tiramisu which I am not regret, even words could not describe the taste!

If you have free time, just come and try their food. You will not regret........................... I think :D

my 38 friend

pH Pastry House,
Add: 54 Jalan Utara, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-321411228

your blogger, signing off.


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  1. Hahah ok ok.. nope I have not met him.

  2. Wow, the place looks nice, and the food looks even nicer! :D But so far leh >_<
    Your friend is also kinda cute, btw. XD

  3. Your friend is cute! haha
    And the pastries look awesome! 

  4. Yeah, the environment is not bad! at least for now cuz it's still new :D Not far lar, still in Klang Valley XD

  5. haha, cute as in like rabbit that cute or cute and handsome :D

  6. wow! looks nice! i bet they dont come cheap either! lol

  7. Lovely food and great pics, like the panna cotta very much.

  8. Yum! Really nice looking food! =D

  9. ur friend is the owner there? :) nice place !

  10. It looks like a nice place serving nice food... Gonna try it out when I am going to KL! Thanks for recommend! =)

  11. Thank you very much for the beautiful write up. 

  12. The pastries look good. =D