Big red box and it's not even Christmas yet!

Received a big RED giant box from boyfriend's family. Initially I thought it was just cookies or cakes until I opened the box...

It's actually 过礼饼 or 喜饼 from Taiwan.
As a Chinese, this gift is part of our culture. It happens where the bride groom's side has to send bunch of 'biscuits of happiness' (LITERALLY TRANSLATE)... I mean, GIFTS to every family, even to the bride's side. 

Don't think so much people, this is actually from his brother. Yeah.

Can you believe it? The packing is SO NICE and the pastries taste DELICOUSYUMMY. We can't find this kind of packing in Malaysia shitttttt...

They even have roses molded biscuit!!!


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  1. Uwaaaaaaaaahhh so nice! I love those Taiwanese pineapple biscuits!