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Shabu shabu....not.

Went to Nagomi at Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya for Shabu-shabu. However, I did not expect that it is not specialize in shabu-shabu anymore. Instead, it is more on Japanese cuisine which comes with higher price compared with other Japanese cuisine outlets. 
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I want shabu shabu!
This is what I had- Sukiyaki. A similar version of shabu shabu. 
Sushi! =)


FAKE macaroons (no meringue inside).
maybe there is this kind of macaroon. I duno

Oh my gosh, this post is so BORING. LOLWTF

Leopard prints

Leopard and boots

I am obsessed with leopard print lately. Apparently leopard print is the new black in this season (wait, before this let me add a few words, it has been the thing like forever but somehow it is THE thing in this season) and it has remained as the sexiest-must-have in every woman's wardrobe! I was never a leopard print lover because I used to think that it is cheap, old and hoe-like print. You know, like what your mom would wear. oops, I mean old woman.

Until I saw a cute leopard print camisole at Cotton On, I instantly fell in love with leopard print WITHOUT knowing that it is the BLACK in this season. It is so edgy and sexy in the same time, with the right accessories and match, leopard print can somehow spice up your outfit.

Spotted at Forever 21
See how cute the bras are, I am planning to get one of these in year end!

If you are not a fashion risk taker and you want to start a new trend, go with simple things like scarf or headband, it will jazz up your outfit with a blink.
Casual 1
This is my suggestion. The celebrity who inspired me is Kim Kardashian, where she pulled out the basics with a leopard print scarf. Adding some bold colours will immediately lighten up the whole look, here I added a pair of pink sneakers. I always on-the-go so I pair up with sneakers and I love pink (click here for my pink obsession post) ! =D 

However, if you LOVE taking risk because you have awesome confidence in you. Do try this look instead!

Rihanna is busy with her touring in Dublin.

I have nothing to say much about this outfit. Just look at it, picture do paint a thousand words right? Never thought that both prints can work out so well without looking so noisy and messy. Like Rihanna, this is one wild and sexy outfit for night out with your BFFs =]

You're saying?
Ladies, what do you find about leopard print? How do you add your personalities with leopard print?
Gentlemen, how about you? Do you like seeing ladies in leopard prints? Would you let your girl to wear?
Leave a comment and let me know!


Sugar and spice

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Story of being Ah Girl

I hate it when people, usually the sellers call me Ah Girl.

To me, Ah Girl refers to 5 years old girl, not a full grown lady.

There was one time I was in a furniture shop, helping my parents to fill up delivery form and that uncle handed me the form and said, 'Ah Girl, fill up this form ok?' I looked at him like WTF. Seriously, who are you referring to!? Don't look at me, I am NOT a child. GEEZ

While, something is even worse. My friend loves to call others Ah Girl, my typical close friend. When she sms, the first two words are: Hey girl, ..... etc etc. or she would call us 'GIRL, you know ah .....' I have a thought that she might be reading this. HAHA


Another time was walking in night market with boyfie and we were laughing like mad because of some jokes or something, a mango seller held up his mango and pointed at my boyfie and said 'See your girlfriend's laugh is so sweet, buy some of my mango and her laughs will be even sweeter.' I looked at him and gave him WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM look. My bf just could not stop laughing afterwards.

Oops, no ah girl but it's a funny incident LOL

So is there any calling names, nicknames that irritates you? Share out because sharing is caring!

Big red box and it's not even Christmas yet!

Received a big RED giant box from boyfriend's family. Initially I thought it was just cookies or cakes until I opened the box...

It's actually 过礼饼 or 喜饼 from Taiwan.
As a Chinese, this gift is part of our culture. It happens where the bride groom's side has to send bunch of 'biscuits of happiness' (LITERALLY TRANSLATE)... I mean, GIFTS to every family, even to the bride's side. 

Don't think so much people, this is actually from his brother. Yeah.

Can you believe it? The packing is SO NICE and the pastries taste DELICOUSYUMMY. We can't find this kind of packing in Malaysia shitttttt...

They even have roses molded biscuit!!!


Assignment: Know your meme

This is what happened today in school, my mates wanted to have assignment marathon that is, all of us cannot go to bed without finishing assignment.

The first one who goes to bed must do the wiggle dance.

1. Facebook, Twitter at 10pm.

2. Start to look out for materials, 11pm

2. Two hours later... I still could not write a decent essay.

3. Could not search for appropriate examples.

4. Saw friends still on Facebook finishing assignments.


lol. goodnight!

Great Food is Like Great Sex

Great food is like great sex, the more you have the more you want. -Gael Greene

Hence, the slogan of the newly opened cafe restaurant pH Pastry House at Jalan Utama, off Jalan Imbi. My friend, Matthew is one of the baker in this cafe and he had been bugged me for weeks to try out his creations in this two weeks new restaurant. Why not? I am a pastry lover!

Anyway, boyfriend and I decided to come to this place without informing Matthew. The place is not  hard to find, it is along Jalan Utara, few bungalows along Beryl's Chocolate House. Once we reached, I sms-ed Matthew and he was shocked to meet us :D

Meet my friend, Matthew

Okay, done with introductory crap. Let's move on to FOOD!

Classic Beef Bolognese for RM15.90
Mushroom soup for RM9.00

Tiramisu, all thanks to Matthew for belanja me :D
Vienna Coffee for RM8.50

So, what does this place looks like?

Credits: pH Facebook page

Raspberry PannaCotta via pH Facebook Page
Pastries selection

Desserts selection

I have to say, the place is different compared to Levain's (read here). pH is modern and yet, cozy whereas Levain's has the France feeling :] I do not know how to rephrase my words, so sorry for that. Anyway, the food here is simply delicious and I must say, the pasta is so freaking nice! Also, Matthew wanted me to try out his Tiramisu which I am not regret, even words could not describe the taste!

If you have free time, just come and try their food. You will not regret........................... I think :D

my 38 friend

pH Pastry House,
Add: 54 Jalan Utara, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-321411228
FB: http://www.facebook.com/pastryhousekl

your blogger, signing off.


*This is not an advert post.

How To: Clean dust or dirt in camera lens

Are you annoyed your camera whenever you see those nasty spots on your pictures taken?
Do you ever felt like smashing your old camera and get a new one instead? OR,
do you spend WHOLE DAY just to photoshop the spots on your pictures?

It happens to me every time. Fortunately, I just found out a solution to all camwhores out there on get rid these filthy nasty spots on your camera lens. =] Most users commented that it is impossible to get rid of the dust by doing it yourself because of how complicated it can be. However, I was so geram with the camera and I googled it EVERYWHERE just to get the information on how to remove these dust UNTIL... I saw a Youtube video about this. 

All you need is:- 
1.  Mini screwdrivers
2.  Blower
3  Lint-free cloth
4. Of course, your own camera!

I tried this and it works like wonders! A reminder to those who want to try this out:

PS: I am not sure whether it works for DSLR or not, I tried this on my digital camera =)

If i was that hardworking...

... I would not end up blogging in the library instead!

Looking at the financial statements of various companies to do comparisons do consuming my brain and energy. I just hate financial accounting! I always wonder why I hate accounting so much but having a relationship with a ACCA student. Opposite attractions as they said, yin and yang; dark and night; BLA BLA BLA.

Damn, my assignment group mates are having class now, leaving me dealing with these bunch of financial statements. I made myself to university early in this morning to do all the analysis even though class starts at 2pm. Man, if only they would cancel the classes and let us focus on our assignments works. My friends suggested that we should ditch the class instead for assignments, she has a point! Let's see, our schedules are almost the same, from 10am to 5pm at most, which makes us having less time to do our works despite we still have our own weekends. The freaking library does not open in the weekends! How are we supposed to get our materials also, it is hard for us to meet up in the weekends as we stay in the every other ends of Klang Valley.

It is best for us to ponteng some classes starting from now. #Justsaying! I do not want to get slaughtered by my boyfriend shhhhh... =P