Vivi's big 21 =)

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonHello loyal readers, I know that you must be checking out my dead blog for a week. I am so sorry for that, I am not only rushing for studies and assignments, however club meetings this time. Yupe, the emoticon beside this describing my current situation. =]

After the long hours of meetings for weeks, my BEAClub had finally done our first ever activity: a visit to orphanage home in Kepong area last Saturday. The activity seems easy to be managed but not for us, most of us are just first year student and have no idea what to do with the procedures. Haha, at least we learnt something from this activity. I might post about this once I got all the photos from our members. 

Also on the very last Saturday after visiting the orphanage home, I rushed back home (nearly evening) after dropped one of our members at the nearest LRT Station for my closest National Service friend, Vivian aka Vivi. =D We knew each other on the first day of camp, I can't miss her big day of course! Moreover, some of my NS friends attended the party and yesh! Gathering!! =}

Matthew, the white face in our group had baked a birthday cake for Vivian and it looked super nice and tasted effing delicious!!

This is the guy and guess what?
He is a baker now, how unpredictable!
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Words cannot describe how was the birthday party, seriously! We have not been met for nearly three years but we were still like old times, gathered around and started to chitchat like nobody business. Ahhh... good times and who says NS sucks? NS is the best experience I ever had!

Just ignore us, we were just being ourselves!

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