Stupid stuff

Have you been in a situation doing something stupid with your friends end up being punished or  in whatever bad consequences? I did.

But I couldn't recall any of it.
Heck. Wait, I think I got one.

Girl friends and I used to have boobs fight, literally. Emm.... is that term existed? Anyway, we used to smack/whack each other boobs in class during break time and a male teacher passed by...... now that is an ultimate awkward situation. But why did we had the boobs fight in the first place?


So, what stupid things you have done? Do share because laughter is the cheapest medicine we ever got.

So true, not gonna deny that

P/S: We are still having boobs fight until now regardless how many awkward moments had occurred, we can't help it!!


  1. During my time in school, there's this weird teasing where they pull your bra line from the back. And since it is usually elastic. It hurts quite a bit. then we'll run and try to catch one another as a plot for revenge. lols~ 

  2. lol we all do stupid things when we are young! 
    girls boobs fight, guys aluba! =.=
    i even remember we used to do leg "waxing" by using the black tape on the fren that sleeping in the class. =.=

  3. i wish i can boob fight too..