If i was that hardworking...

... I would not end up blogging in the library instead!

Looking at the financial statements of various companies to do comparisons do consuming my brain and energy. I just hate financial accounting! I always wonder why I hate accounting so much but having a relationship with a ACCA student. Opposite attractions as they said, yin and yang; dark and night; BLA BLA BLA.

Damn, my assignment group mates are having class now, leaving me dealing with these bunch of financial statements. I made myself to university early in this morning to do all the analysis even though class starts at 2pm. Man, if only they would cancel the classes and let us focus on our assignments works. My friends suggested that we should ditch the class instead for assignments, she has a point! Let's see, our schedules are almost the same, from 10am to 5pm at most, which makes us having less time to do our works despite we still have our own weekends. The freaking library does not open in the weekends! How are we supposed to get our materials also, it is hard for us to meet up in the weekends as we stay in the every other ends of Klang Valley.

It is best for us to ponteng some classes starting from now. #Justsaying! I do not want to get slaughtered by my boyfriend shhhhh... =P


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