Classic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello peeps! How are you today? I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog. I just do not have the mojo to blog or something. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

As the title said 'Classic Cat Eye' makeup tutorial is what I am going to show now. Guys, move away if this is not your thing. If this is, well keep reading =)

Girls, you stay!
lol kidding mate!

So this is the look, inspired by In2It brochure I got that afternoon. I might look like those Chinese opera actress based on my eyes look right!? I thought so.
This is how it looks.

The power of makeup. Before and After. Scary huh!!!

I actually did a makeup tutorial video and I apologize of the suckie lighting in my room. It's pretty dark in here, I will improve myself on conducting a tutorial video next time! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I look pretty stupid now.

Feel free to check out my vid. =D If there any question, leave a comment on my blog okie. Also, not to forget to follow my facebook page at here! CLICK

Thankie thankie!


  1. The lighting is fine :D I've tried it but it makes my eyes look kinda longer.

  2. Great attempt at a video! :) It takes some guts to make a video, haha. And don't worry, the lighting is fine. :)
    Love the blue eyeshadow look, but i guess it can be a bit too dramatic for everyday going to uni or just hanging out. XD
    The video itself is a bit long though, and perhaps you could list out what products/items you used? :)
    Anyway, do keep making more videos (practice makes perfect right? XD) and keep up the good work! ^^