Wedding dinner with love

Congratulationsssss to the newly wed, my dear cousin and his wife =] We are so happy for you. This is the first cousin who ever wedded in my father's family side.

The funny thing was my uncle LOVES to bully us, the kids since we were young. He always comes to us and start to bully us T__T No one get to escape from his PALM. This time, he came to our table and wanted us to challenge drinking with his son, my another cousin. Luckily my brother and I are well trained from our dad. HEK HEK HEK That was FUN.
The receptionists =)

Cousins all grown up

Being vain =)
The wedding dinner went great. Once again, congratulations!


Big Boy 22

Big boy is finally 22 now. After three years of planning, he got to celebrate his birthday in all-HIGH mode! =) I am just happy for him. We celebrated his 22nd at Mist Club, Bangsar and it was huge. I have not been to a club in two years and this is what I had became, a newbie to clubs. I am a goodie goodie good girl, I shall tell you why.

You see, my parents are strict, super duper strict, they would not let me go to clubs if I do not have a reason. I personally not a huge fan of clubs so they should be happy instead. I only go to clubs when there will be events or happenings, other than that... I refuse to go. 

Anyway, this is my boyfriend's birthday celebrate and I just cannot say no, it is his moment LOL. I seek for my parents' permission and they let, with one condition: they will be the one who will send me home. *BAM* Not only that, I have to be home before 1am. DAYUMMMMMM. 

Luckily my boyfriend was okay with it. How he cannot accept with it ha? But some of my friends were not happy about this. Oh forget it, we had so much fun anyway! The best thing about this celebration: everyone attended to his big day, which made my boy cried (just saying, hopefully he didn't get to read this). Haha!

Truth is, I got to get back home by 2am! Parents were late because they couldn't find the place HAHAHA! I don't know why Mist club really susah nak cari, I think it's because of the name, MISTERI/MYSTERY mahh... Maybe yes maybe no lolollll

That is my drunk look boyfie but he is not drunk at all. He just looks like one. BAHAHA.

ahhhh~finally a post after long hiatus.

It will rain. True story.

Stupid stuff

Have you been in a situation doing something stupid with your friends end up being punished or  in whatever bad consequences? I did.

But I couldn't recall any of it.
Heck. Wait, I think I got one.

Girl friends and I used to have boobs fight, literally. Emm.... is that term existed? Anyway, we used to smack/whack each other boobs in class during break time and a male teacher passed by...... now that is an ultimate awkward situation. But why did we had the boobs fight in the first place?


So, what stupid things you have done? Do share because laughter is the cheapest medicine we ever got.

So true, not gonna deny that

P/S: We are still having boobs fight until now regardless how many awkward moments had occurred, we can't help it!!

Vivi's big 21 =)

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonHello loyal readers, I know that you must be checking out my dead blog for a week. I am so sorry for that, I am not only rushing for studies and assignments, however club meetings this time. Yupe, the emoticon beside this describing my current situation. =]

After the long hours of meetings for weeks, my BEAClub had finally done our first ever activity: a visit to orphanage home in Kepong area last Saturday. The activity seems easy to be managed but not for us, most of us are just first year student and have no idea what to do with the procedures. Haha, at least we learnt something from this activity. I might post about this once I got all the photos from our members. 

Also on the very last Saturday after visiting the orphanage home, I rushed back home (nearly evening) after dropped one of our members at the nearest LRT Station for my closest National Service friend, Vivian aka Vivi. =D We knew each other on the first day of camp, I can't miss her big day of course! Moreover, some of my NS friends attended the party and yesh! Gathering!! =}

Matthew, the white face in our group had baked a birthday cake for Vivian and it looked super nice and tasted effing delicious!!

This is the guy and guess what?
He is a baker now, how unpredictable!
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Words cannot describe how was the birthday party, seriously! We have not been met for nearly three years but we were still like old times, gathered around and started to chitchat like nobody business. Ahhh... good times and who says NS sucks? NS is the best experience I ever had!

Just ignore us, we were just being ourselves!

Rushing on time?

Hello there! Last Sunday my friend from Nilai called me and wanted to meet up with the NS buds, I was shocked because everyone was practically there. I told her I will be there in 30 minutes. Rushing rushing rushing? How am I going to do my face?

Are you in rushing and you have no idea what to do? All you did were panic panic panic? No fret, here is how.

Anyway, great hang out with my lovely friends. We just could not stop gossiping about everything that happened in NS back those days. Oh well, we all gonna meet again on Vivian's Bday this Saturday! =)


If only I could get through him.

Classic Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello peeps! How are you today? I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog. I just do not have the mojo to blog or something. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

As the title said 'Classic Cat Eye' makeup tutorial is what I am going to show now. Guys, move away if this is not your thing. If this is, well keep reading =)

Girls, you stay!
lol kidding mate!

So this is the look, inspired by In2It brochure I got that afternoon. I might look like those Chinese opera actress based on my eyes look right!? I thought so.
This is how it looks.

The power of makeup. Before and After. Scary huh!!!

I actually did a makeup tutorial video and I apologize of the suckie lighting in my room. It's pretty dark in here, I will improve myself on conducting a tutorial video next time! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

I look pretty stupid now.

Feel free to check out my vid. =D If there any question, leave a comment on my blog okie. Also, not to forget to follow my facebook page at here! CLICK

Thankie thankie!