We love clean brushes

Clean makeup brushes are very crucial for a girl in her daily life. Imagine using the same ol' dirty brush everyday and all of the bacteria are on your face everyday, giving acne break out. Ewww... We do not want that to happen to us right? Sadly, it happens on my forehead few days ago.

That is why it is time to clean my brushes! I have not clean my brushes since... you get the picture, so to start off this cleaning process all you need are:

  • Dish washing soap
  • Olive oil or any oil
  • Kitchen roll or tissue
  • Cup
  • Plate

Mix both olive oil and dish washing soap on the plate. What I have found is that dish washing soap can kill bacteria easily and olive oil can moisture the brushes, which is a great combination and we do not have to purposely get a brushes cleaning liquid because it is quite expensive!

Get ready with your brushes peeps, it is time to dip the brushes into the mixture and stir it up in a circular motion and make sure that the brush absorbs the oil and the soap!

Take the brush out from the plate and wipe it back and forth on your hand, this will kill the bacteria effectively :D We love to kill bacteria don't we?

Rinse the brushes with running water and squeeze out the water until the brushes are clean. Place them on a plate with tissue paper in order to avoid messiness of the place.

To dry up the brushes we have to dry them upside down so that the water will not trapped in the brush holder and causing the holder to loose from the brush. It is best to have brush cover with the brush because it will keep the brush in perfect shape! What I did was wrapping them with quality plastic book wrapper! HAHA!! I know I am such a cheapskate, I do not feel like buying any brush guard because

1. I'm using cheap brushes 
2. Must save money!!

Place the brushes upside down in a cup or glass with the brush cover and wait for them to dry! It is just that simple. Teehee. By the way, this is my way to clean my brushes, credits to Michelle Phan's Squeaky Clean Brushes!



  1. whoa,like this also can ka.. Ho ho ho.. :-p Good tips!! ^_^.v..

  2. wow! where u get ur layout? so special! :)

  3. Hello! I get it at www.btemplates.com and modified abit=D 

  4. nice tips ! Thanks : D 

  5. Thanks for the info, I just use plain water only. Now I know the right ways for clean my brushes.

  6.  Wow, never those those 2 liquids could be used to clean makeup brushes. I use the sponge and brush cleaner liquid from Daiso to wash my makeup stuff. :D

  7. one moment i thought they are those painting brushes we used back in school for pendidikan seni! lol :P

  8. Ohh! I thought of getting those actually until I bumped onto this tutorial, it saves a lot of money. :D