Parents and I were craving for afternoon tea for weeks and decided to go to Delicious for afternoon tea treat. We were planning to go to Bangsar but went to Mid Valley instead, my brother was there attending International Toy Fair. bleh... not my stuff.

Ordered Frosty Lychee Tea and it was tasteless for my tongue, it could be the ice. Oh well, as long it is a healthy drink, you gonna sacrifice your tongue once in a while.

The afternoon tea where they served scones, sandwiches, biscuits and etc. We picked Lemon Meringue Pie for cake selection since they do not have any other cakes. BOOO...

Some pastries and sandwiches
This is what i called PIE, a freaking delicious pie! I love their texture, basically it is the whisked egg white and the meringue. I failed to bake this pie especially the meringue, it tends to be SOOO SOUR every time I baked this pie.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Oh well, at least I had tried couple of times to improve my pie. ER WAIT, this sounds so wrong. LOL


  1. Delicious opened in Sunway Pyramid! Wheee~~ I haven't tried their desserts before, but their pasta is indeed delicious (but kinda pricey, lol).

  2. I saw Delicious in Sunway Pyramid few days ago and their environment is better than Mid Valley's (not tooo noisy)! Their desserts are fantastic! :D Yeah, it's damn pricey so I don't go there often lol.

  3. went there only once, nice place. should go again . ahah love the pasta. but expensive.