Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

Love to party and get your groove on?

Arthur's Day is back and it is the best time to toast, cheering 'To Arthur!' with a pint of Guinness Stout! Trust me, this time the experience can be any better with... the one of the famous R&B singer, TAIO CRUZ. Can we get any higher than that!? Probably yes, if you are a music fan and love to parteh!


Beside Taio Cruz there will many artistes perform! Mizz Nina, our favourite local singer will be perform with Soler, a group from Macao, DJ Skeletor and so much more you just do not want to miss it!

Where will be this extravaganza held, you ask?
Date: 23 September 2011
Time: 6pm onwards (WOOOOT!)
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

Why the event is so important to me and I wanna go so badly? It's simple, where to celebrate this awesome global event other than The Arthur's Day itself! I never been to this exclusive event in my life and would LOVEEEEE to have a GREAT experience with my friends, mates, bloggers, people, CELEBRITIES and also 'TO ARTHUR!' Man I love to party all night long with my favourite Guinness Stout, tried it once and instantly fell in love with it! Celebration is must with Arthur because BLACK is the NEW BLACK.

Nuffnang, please give me these exclusive invites to this phenomena event! IT WOULD BE MY DREAM CAME TRUE.

much love,
couldn't get any higher because Guinness Stout is taking me higher!


  1. im kinda like got the invitations, but cant fly there due to some circumstances

  2. Seriously! Planning to give me? *big eyes* Haha!