UEL Cultural Night

Moving from a department to another department, I am no longer a UoL student but a UEL student now. This time, the student council of DOME is having UEL Cultural Night at Artista Bar, Tropicana!

The Bar
Previous night, the council member called me and wanted me to represent Korea because the model did not want to do so. I was stunned COMPLETELY, I told the member where to get Korean Costume now!? and she said Korean girls love to wear fashionable clothes and good in makeup, suggesting that I should go for it as I really look like an actual Korean. 

That MUST be a compliment, Tuzki Bunny Emoticon. I said YES.

I brought along my pretty pretty partner, Hui Ling for the dinner.

Best thing in the dinner?

GOT TOWER LA WEI!! Ahem, it's Iced Lemon Tea.
Iced Lemon Tea again, BOOOOO :D

Hui Ling

I was supposed to have a decent meal until the members told us, the model to get ready for the show. I was like WHATTTTTTT... I did not manage to eat at all! During the briefing, the host wanted us to talk something about our countries, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon I am a Malaysian, how am I supposed to know anything about Korea!? I told them that I am not from Korea and he did not believe me at first, however he wanted me to google the basic facts right away! I checked on my phone and looked through the facts but still, HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

So, this is what I did. Thanks to Hui Ling, she recorded my performance. LOL, I did not know that!

I nailed it, in a funny way! Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

My lovely colourful coursemates and me!

Vivienne and Ainaa =)

Signing off for my next upcoming project,

Lace Top: Forever 21;
Bandage skirt: sistaclosette;
Blazer: chic-chick
Necklace: Forever 21;
Oxford pumps: Charles and Keith


Arthur's Day teaser

I participated the contest on Emma's blog and I was indeed lucky to be selected by her. At here, I would like to say thank you for selecting me if not, I wouldn't enjoy my last Friday night with my boyfie!

The event went great despite of the lip sync, traffic jam on the way to the exit, etc. We were here to enjoy music and Guinness Stout so hey! Chill man. I personally love Dragon Red's part because they can get the whole audience went NUTS! Seriously.

A toast to Arthur.

I shall blog more about this event so stay tune!

Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

Love to party and get your groove on?

Arthur's Day is back and it is the best time to toast, cheering 'To Arthur!' with a pint of Guinness Stout! Trust me, this time the experience can be any better with... the one of the famous R&B singer, TAIO CRUZ. Can we get any higher than that!? Probably yes, if you are a music fan and love to parteh!


Beside Taio Cruz there will many artistes perform! Mizz Nina, our favourite local singer will be perform with Soler, a group from Macao, DJ Skeletor and so much more you just do not want to miss it!

Where will be this extravaganza held, you ask?
Date: 23 September 2011
Time: 6pm onwards (WOOOOT!)
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

Why the event is so important to me and I wanna go so badly? It's simple, where to celebrate this awesome global event other than The Arthur's Day itself! I never been to this exclusive event in my life and would LOVEEEEE to have a GREAT experience with my friends, mates, bloggers, people, CELEBRITIES and also 'TO ARTHUR!' Man I love to party all night long with my favourite Guinness Stout, tried it once and instantly fell in love with it! Celebration is must with Arthur because BLACK is the NEW BLACK.

Nuffnang, please give me these exclusive invites to this phenomena event! IT WOULD BE MY DREAM CAME TRUE.

much love,
couldn't get any higher because Guinness Stout is taking me higher!

Thanks loves

Received the my belated birthday pressie from my university mates.

Love it. Thanks babe! =)


Parents and I were craving for afternoon tea for weeks and decided to go to Delicious for afternoon tea treat. We were planning to go to Bangsar but went to Mid Valley instead, my brother was there attending International Toy Fair. bleh... not my stuff.

Ordered Frosty Lychee Tea and it was tasteless for my tongue, it could be the ice. Oh well, as long it is a healthy drink, you gonna sacrifice your tongue once in a while.

The afternoon tea where they served scones, sandwiches, biscuits and etc. We picked Lemon Meringue Pie for cake selection since they do not have any other cakes. BOOO...

Some pastries and sandwiches
This is what i called PIE, a freaking delicious pie! I love their texture, basically it is the whisked egg white and the meringue. I failed to bake this pie especially the meringue, it tends to be SOOO SOUR every time I baked this pie.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Oh well, at least I had tried couple of times to improve my pie. ER WAIT, this sounds so wrong. LOL


A whole new week in HELP was exhausting, a whole new learning environment in UEL programmes with assignments (I had not done any assignment in UoL previously). Classes were okay, new coursemates from around the world and I think I am going to be hell'a busy in this semester (taking four subjects BOO).

I hope I will be fine in this new programme. Screw UoL by the way. My cousin told me that this course is easier than UoL but well... I'm trying to get a Second Class honours so hopefully I can do well.

Just to sum up my week. Spend two days and night at Gold Coast Resort at Morib with boyfie's friends. Things were quite unexpected in some ways but still I managed to get some...well... a lil of fun. 

I just hate it that people used me for some other agenda. People will be people...


Congratulation! =)

Attended ex-classmate's wedding in Meru, Klang. All of us are happy for this lucky guy, picture below shown. =D

My fellow Form Six classmates =)

We all looked fake LOL
Our after dinner tipsy boys. EPIC EXPRESSIONS
Group picture with the newly wedded couple.
We wore the same colour. haha!

Next week I'll be heading to Klang again, this time is Morib. I better grab a straw hat for this coming beach trip. =)


We love clean brushes

Clean makeup brushes are very crucial for a girl in her daily life. Imagine using the same ol' dirty brush everyday and all of the bacteria are on your face everyday, giving acne break out. Ewww... We do not want that to happen to us right? Sadly, it happens on my forehead few days ago.

That is why it is time to clean my brushes! I have not clean my brushes since... you get the picture, so to start off this cleaning process all you need are:

  • Dish washing soap
  • Olive oil or any oil
  • Kitchen roll or tissue
  • Cup
  • Plate

Mix both olive oil and dish washing soap on the plate. What I have found is that dish washing soap can kill bacteria easily and olive oil can moisture the brushes, which is a great combination and we do not have to purposely get a brushes cleaning liquid because it is quite expensive!

Get ready with your brushes peeps, it is time to dip the brushes into the mixture and stir it up in a circular motion and make sure that the brush absorbs the oil and the soap!

Take the brush out from the plate and wipe it back and forth on your hand, this will kill the bacteria effectively :D We love to kill bacteria don't we?

Rinse the brushes with running water and squeeze out the water until the brushes are clean. Place them on a plate with tissue paper in order to avoid messiness of the place.

To dry up the brushes we have to dry them upside down so that the water will not trapped in the brush holder and causing the holder to loose from the brush. It is best to have brush cover with the brush because it will keep the brush in perfect shape! What I did was wrapping them with quality plastic book wrapper! HAHA!! I know I am such a cheapskate, I do not feel like buying any brush guard because

1. I'm using cheap brushes 
2. Must save money!!

Place the brushes upside down in a cup or glass with the brush cover and wait for them to dry! It is just that simple. Teehee. By the way, this is my way to clean my brushes, credits to Michelle Phan's Squeaky Clean Brushes!