Rants and more rants.


Being in the hospital can be really tiring, I have no idea why. Been here since 11am to check on dad and wait for his surgery over.

The hospital here does not look like a hospital at all! It looks like a hotel to me, I could not smell those awful medical smell and the the whole building is not only white and white and WHITE. Maybe this is my second time to hospital to visit people.

Luckily they have Starbucks here (could you imagine that they have Starbucks here!?) , yet I am still sleepy. Do they have extra bed here? I would like to take a nap, literally. IT IS JUST SO CHILLING HERE.

Damn I look funny here!

Hopefully daddy is done with his surgery! I am so worried sick and tired I wanna go home and sleep omg omg omg omg... What kind of daughter am I?



  1. Thanks love, he is okay now. In recovering stage now :)

  2. Hope your dad is okay! :)