I don't wear to please you.

I do not understand, does a girl has to dress up to please a boy? What is this!?
Well, perhaps if you are a whore.

Do not give me that face ma'am. You ain't a bitch, you're a whore.

Got a thing she wanted, the maxi dress and she loves it till she wants to share to the world (narcissism here). Until a boy came and said, 'Hey, maxi dress is ain't shit, it's suck. It ain't sexy, how could ya wear this shit?'

Piece a shit you're sayin'? 

Okay, the conversation above is way too off.

Seriously guys, give me a break. Why can't a girl wear clothes they like? We are girl technically speaking, we like to play dress up but not always. We, the average girls do not wear sexy outfits 24/7 so what is your problemo? If you want to have a girl who always wear sexy low cut V neck with cute big ass then you should get a prostitute instead. 

No girl would like a boy who wants a girl wears like a whore.
Please respect us.



  1. don't pay any mind to those kinda guys, they're just jerks. those who love you for who you are would adore you whatever you wear. =)