How do you define love?

My friend text-ed me saying that one of our friends are in a new relationship with a boy, we were not thrilled but shocked! A girl who broke up few weeks ago and now she is in a new relationship with a guy we assumed that she barely knows just as in the previous relationship.

I was pretty mad when I heard it because when she broke up the guy few weeks back, I advised her not to be rushed in finding a new partner or else she will be regretted. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that she does not concern about it at all. I mean, I put all my soul to advice her and hoping that she will change.

A person who is desperate to have a partner. Is that love or necessity? 

love [luhv] noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

But does it worth to change partners consistently to feel loved
? I am not a love expert but it is all comes from experiences. Puppy love, being dumped, in love we have all been there or we will experience each of it. Being in a relationship doesn't mean it will give you love, it might give you the expectation of love but not the meaning or the feeling that you thought you would have. 

Love cannot be measured.
Love is not an object.
Love is a feeling.

Love is not love if you couldn't understand it.
Love is universal.
Love is inside of you and me.

Being in relationship is one thing; Being in loved is another thing. What is your definition of love?


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