Girls weekend!

Met up my babes at Pavilion this afternoon and we had a blast =) Alicia is my secondary school classmate and Hwee Yin is my current coursemate, introduced both of them to each other and things get so weird after that. Apparently, both of them are so close after the introduction. LOL

Sometimes it's good to go out with the girls, I can buy lots of things as I've been 'caged' by BF for awhile (well, my mom orders him to control me)!! Eyeing on Shiseido The Skin Care series for so long, they are offering starter kit! That means the set comes with cleanser, softener and moisturizer. The products are mainly for hydration purpose, I tend to have dry skin so this series could save my life! *fingers crossed*

Also, I was actually looking for lip brush at Sasa, ended up I bought

A product from Cyber Colors, Gemstone aqua-based pudding foundation. The promoter was friendly enough and recommended this product. Luckily this promoter is smart enough to recommend an affordable foundation as I requested a cheaper one. The normal price for this foundation is RM99 but Sasa is having promotion! Slash the price and I got this for RM50+ (I've forgotten the price LOL).

The outing went great and got the things I want. ZOMG, I love shopping...MUST STOP STOP STOP!!!
Till the next time girls!


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