Decided to wait for my current course-mates to finish their classes in this awful library. 

How awful you ask? 

Well, the library has a wide space, but unfortunately this big ass library consists of three plug sockets for the students, we have to share sockets using the extension they given.

Shocking news is, they only have one extension and that extension is cacat. Bummer.

Beside that, I have work my butt off for this homework and the case study for this coming Thursday. Apparently this lecturer loves to give us lots of case studies to analyse it, which is good because my last lecturer did was talking to herself during the lectures.

Unfortunately, I still stuck on the last question.
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Just look at my noob face

Faster 1pm lahh, I wanna go out to have lunch. Man we still have a talk by French dude from Embassy of France in Malaysia.


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