Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night


The way I are

Fashion is made, but style is born- Yves Saint Laurent 


I'm so proud of you Jess Lee.♥♥



My first semester UoL examination result is releasing soon.

 I mean seriously,


It will be released on this coming Tuesday and I'm betting myself that I will flunk more than two subjects (out of five subjects). YES I SHALL BE LIKE HER,

Terrifying isn't it?

Oh well, at least my bf result releases sooner than mine (TOMORROW) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 


Home-cooked meal


Home-cooked dinner 


Smoked tuna with grilled bread

Mom's famous Kylie's "Radical" Roast Chicken


9 Deadly Words Used By Women

Found a funny article on my computer. 

To guys out there, this your must-read survival tips while being in women's world.
It could come in handy when you could not understand women.


Rants and more rants.


Being in the hospital can be really tiring, I have no idea why. Been here since 11am to check on dad and wait for his surgery over.

The hospital here does not look like a hospital at all! It looks like a hotel to me, I could not smell those awful medical smell and the the whole building is not only white and white and WHITE. Maybe this is my second time to hospital to visit people.

Luckily they have Starbucks here (could you imagine that they have Starbucks here!?) , yet I am still sleepy. Do they have extra bed here? I would like to take a nap, literally. IT IS JUST SO CHILLING HERE.

Damn I look funny here!

Hopefully daddy is done with his surgery! I am so worried sick and tired I wanna go home and sleep omg omg omg omg... What kind of daughter am I?


I don't wear to please you.

I do not understand, does a girl has to dress up to please a boy? What is this!?
Well, perhaps if you are a whore.

Do not give me that face ma'am. You ain't a bitch, you're a whore.

Got a thing she wanted, the maxi dress and she loves it till she wants to share to the world (narcissism here). Until a boy came and said, 'Hey, maxi dress is ain't shit, it's suck. It ain't sexy, how could ya wear this shit?'

Piece a shit you're sayin'? 

Okay, the conversation above is way too off.

Seriously guys, give me a break. Why can't a girl wear clothes they like? We are girl technically speaking, we like to play dress up but not always. We, the average girls do not wear sexy outfits 24/7 so what is your problemo? If you want to have a girl who always wear sexy low cut V neck with cute big ass then you should get a prostitute instead. 

No girl would like a boy who wants a girl wears like a whore.
Please respect us.


My very first maxi dress

The title says it all! I love this piece of maxi dress, it gives a beach vibe and hobo-licious. It's very hard to find a perfect maxi dress for myself because the patterns and textures are difficult to match my skin tone and body type, either too loose or too tight. *big sigh* 

While I was at Sunway Pyramid yesterday, I saw this beautiful dress on mannequin in a boutique shop. I was like 'OMG I NEED TO HAVE IT', tried it on and I was super satisfied by the texture and pattern. Problem was, I was not sure whether to get it or not even though it is quite cheap. 

Been thinking through out the day and guess what! I finally bought it with mother's approval! Gosh I cannot wait to wear this fabulous dress but one thing for sure, I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO WEAR. 


So ladies, what is your suggestion? Where can I wear this piece to? Leave you comment down below alright? Thanks a lot! TEEHEE


New blog layout!

Finally I am able to restyle my whole blog, a minimalist kind of blog.
Hope you guys like it =)

Shall blog soon.




Jeans and shorts, Forever 21;
Two wedges, Vincci;

I could not resist myself to get two pair of wedges as Vincci is having 50% off for both items each. 


How do you define love?

My friend text-ed me saying that one of our friends are in a new relationship with a boy, we were not thrilled but shocked! A girl who broke up few weeks ago and now she is in a new relationship with a guy we assumed that she barely knows just as in the previous relationship.

I was pretty mad when I heard it because when she broke up the guy few weeks back, I advised her not to be rushed in finding a new partner or else she will be regretted. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that she does not concern about it at all. I mean, I put all my soul to advice her and hoping that she will change.

A person who is desperate to have a partner. Is that love or necessity? 

love [luhv] noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

But does it worth to change partners consistently to feel loved
? I am not a love expert but it is all comes from experiences. Puppy love, being dumped, in love we have all been there or we will experience each of it. Being in a relationship doesn't mean it will give you love, it might give you the expectation of love but not the meaning or the feeling that you thought you would have. 

Love cannot be measured.
Love is not an object.
Love is a feeling.

Love is not love if you couldn't understand it.
Love is universal.
Love is inside of you and me.

Being in relationship is one thing; Being in loved is another thing. What is your definition of love?

Decided to wait for my current course-mates to finish their classes in this awful library. 

How awful you ask? 

Well, the library has a wide space, but unfortunately this big ass library consists of three plug sockets for the students, we have to share sockets using the extension they given.

Shocking news is, they only have one extension and that extension is cacat. Bummer.

Beside that, I have work my butt off for this homework and the case study for this coming Thursday. Apparently this lecturer loves to give us lots of case studies to analyse it, which is good because my last lecturer did was talking to herself during the lectures.

Unfortunately, I still stuck on the last question.
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Just look at my noob face

Faster 1pm lahh, I wanna go out to have lunch. Man we still have a talk by French dude from Embassy of France in Malaysia.


Tokyo Teppan

Tokyo Teppan
6.24.02 Level 6
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


Girls weekend!

Met up my babes at Pavilion this afternoon and we had a blast =) Alicia is my secondary school classmate and Hwee Yin is my current coursemate, introduced both of them to each other and things get so weird after that. Apparently, both of them are so close after the introduction. LOL

Sometimes it's good to go out with the girls, I can buy lots of things as I've been 'caged' by BF for awhile (well, my mom orders him to control me)!! Eyeing on Shiseido The Skin Care series for so long, they are offering starter kit! That means the set comes with cleanser, softener and moisturizer. The products are mainly for hydration purpose, I tend to have dry skin so this series could save my life! *fingers crossed*

Also, I was actually looking for lip brush at Sasa, ended up I bought

A product from Cyber Colors, Gemstone aqua-based pudding foundation. The promoter was friendly enough and recommended this product. Luckily this promoter is smart enough to recommend an affordable foundation as I requested a cheaper one. The normal price for this foundation is RM99 but Sasa is having promotion! Slash the price and I got this for RM50+ (I've forgotten the price LOL).

The outing went great and got the things I want. ZOMG, I love shopping...MUST STOP STOP STOP!!!
Till the next time girls!


Damn vampires, you're scary!

Vampires that sparkle in day time are scary


Took this at a book store in One Utama.








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Jason Chen!!

He is super cute okay!! =]