Too excited yet too early!?

I must be fucking excited on this coming Kuantan trip. I've never been to Pahang, well except for Genting, everybody knows that aite? The thing is, I've never step my foot on East Peninsular Malaysia, especially the beach. I heard that it's cleaner than PD and of course, filthy beach of Penang (don't smack me aite, I used to live beside Penang beach so I know HOW dirty the beach can be)

It's okay to be excited but it's NOT okay when it comes to packing. The trip is on this Saturday and I have packed my stuff today (Thursday)! How crazy is that! I hate packing in the very last minute like, a night before the trip? because I will get panic and forgot to bring some stuff, the essential ones 0.0

Based on the tweet above, was I excited or angry? I have no idea LOL.



  1. Kuantan and Cherating in particular have beautiful beaches, you should Picnic there, it would be interesting. Do check out my blog for photos of Kuantan and Cherating, to give you a head start :)

  2. Hello! =] Thanks for commenting. Yea, will check out ur blog =)