Class starts in a week!

I've lost my blogging mojo, once again I have no idea what to blog. I feel stupid now =[

Anyway, I sent an e-mail to an experience lecturer in HELPCAT that I shall be joining her class, Introduction to Economics next week. Not to be 'kiasu, it's just that my very lecturer couldn't help us to pass the paper, I have to refer to this experience lecturer instead and My God she is super strict.

She even pointed out that absenteeism is not tolerated without a valid MC.

Just great.
I miss my current lecturer now.

I will be running around LRT stations from Damansara Heights to Sg Besi, catching up my classes. Great, this will be my daily routine and I can loose some weight just like ol days! *my working days in the city centre* If only I can drive from HUC to HELPCAT but nahh... it's too far and I hate driving to Sg Besi (around Pudu area) because of the traffic!

But it's good to drive tho, I mean I can drive to Levain's to get my macaroons after class.

or the Chicken Lasagna boyfriend and I had last Sunday? *droooooool* This could be the best lasagna in town with reasonable price (RM12) but my boyfriend prefers Delicious'. We always have different thoughts sometimes, that's what makes us unique.

Lots of my friend told me that Australia Degree Programmes are easier than UK, which is true. Should I love Australia or UK programmes? Hmm... UK programmes have a good reputation compared to Australia's but it is 300% harder. Like what I am dealing right now, enrolled to a difficult degree programme. I seriously have to think about my degree man, either stick to UoL International Programmes or move to other programme.

Ha, enough of studies, I'm still in summer break!

I love to read, do you? Reading was my passion in my leisure until I met my boyfriend. He hates to read so I eventually stopped reading. I remembered that we used to meet up in a book shop, especially Borders because I love the smell of the books and how the books arranged neatly in the bookshelf accordingly. I love to feel the book wrapped in plastic, it's like a treasure to someone. =] I sound like a creepo now. LOL

I have a secret dream, which is able to read a book in a quiet cafe house with soft Bossa Nova songs. Sipping coffee or tea while reading, imagine the characters and the surrounding without any interruption. Suddenly, there is a charming looking guy which I imagined in the book approached me and the love story is begun. Sadly, that is not how my boyfriend and I met. Back to reality, we met in lunch. =]

Anyway, I finished reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami. It is a depressing story about a guy dealing with  previous and present relationships. How his first love ended in a sanitarium and a new girl from his class, he had to make a decision in his life after his best friend died from suicide.

I did not cry but the story disturbed me throughout the night, it made me depressed for few nights. Gosh, that book must be creepy! Not.

Stupid or not stupid, this is a long post =O
Alright then,
I'm not stupid after all.

Restocked my mascara for my eyes (what else!) I love Majolica Majorca because it's under Sheseido, my favourite skin care products. I couldn't afford Sheseido products so I normally use Bio-Essence Tanaka White series which works great on my skin =}

Nehoos, hope this post did not bore you. I know it's a long post, a very long post. LOL



  1. for me, reading books is killing me...but I love reading blogs.haha

  2. I love to read too! And I have had many similar daydreams/fantasies like yours, tee hee. :D I see you have that book from Meg Cabot, Nicola and the Viscount. Such a cute read; totally chick lit hahahaha XD

  3. Haha reading is fun! LOL. I love Meg Cabot, I actually collected the whole series of Princess Diaries and some of her famous books like How to be Popular, Teen Idol, Mediator series and NIcola and Viscount =3 It's so girlish for me to read :) As I grow up I read Twilight HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

  4. I think your lect is ok, what she asked is normal what! I like to read fictions too. I have once read Murakami Haruki's short story. Damn it was depressive, makes me depression for weeks~

  5. Haha, she's evil man! Not really evil but strict, one of my friend told me that if you're late for 5 minutes she will lock the door so you can't enter her class 0.0 NIGHTMARE omg. Hahaha. Murakami Haruki is the best author in depressing story. I couldn't sleep at nights and thinking about the story. I got depressed, so depressed I seldom spoke LOL.

  6. I love reading too! I especially love the smell of old books. Ecstasy :D