Chronicles of Pink:

Do you love pink?

I wasn't a pink lover when I was young, I hate pink so much because it was so girlish and pretty-pretty-princess, like EWWW... Why did pink ever existed!?

But I was madly in love with Hello Kitty, ironically.

In stead, I loved Black instead! Just because of it coolness and I-would-be-so-unique-cuz-black-no-girl-like-black. As a kid I would dressed up in black: black shirt with black jeans PLUS black sneakers. I have no idea why I could even dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

That is stupid.

Hello Kitty!!!!

Even Shimmy loves Hello Kitty!

Shimmy is a hot white guy stuck in asian body, that's what he said. LOL


as an adult now I love PINK #likenothingelse. Is this because of the hormones? I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure this a fact. I mean, I love fashion and makeup, playing dress up all the time (THIS IS GIRLISH) but but but I still love black.

Boom babeh! See how cool are black and pink? They pimp up everything! =] They give vintage vibe and the best part is, they don't give a damn punk effect. It all started from Avril Lavigne like viral 0.0 

Before you start to hit me Avril's fans, I am one of her fans too! So stop hitting your sister okay, STOP.

Back to my question: 
Do you love pink? What is your favourite colour then? 

Leave your comment below and let's create a rainbow comment together =}




    The pink elephant reminds me of Carrie Junior, you know, baby products! =D

  2. Haha! I have a friend just like you, who disliked pink but now loves pink and Hello Kitty! I, however, have loved pink since forever. XD
    Btw, that last picture of the pink elephant... OMG SHOOO CUTEEEEE!

  3. I don't like pink, but I don't hate it either. I like black and blue and green and red. Lol. Maybe I don't have one particular colour that I particularly like. =)

  4. My favorite colour is pink and white! Colour of hello kitty! Haha.. I love hello kitty too!
    Check out my hello kitty collection here!

  5. My favourite is brown... old fashioned hor?

  6. my favorite colour is red! =]

  7. Haha, your blog is orange enough XD

  8. i dont like pink. i like orange, but i dont have much orange stuff :P

  9. This post is shooo cute!!!  I love pink & purple stuff, rilakuman, cinnammon roll, and hello kitty are a few of my favs <3