Bandage Skirt

I had received my parcel from SistaClosette, I ordered a pink bandage skirt just to fill up my closet space lol.
I have never own a single bandage skirt until now and I'm simply love it!

Tank top: Forever 21
Bandage skirt: SistaClosette

Tee: Brand Outlet

I submitted a question on Polyvore [link] and here are some of the ideas on wearing this hot pink bandage skirt.

 I'm so happy about this skirt I think I might wear it to my birthday dinner. =]



  1. been wanting a bandage skirt too but sadly I got no where to go with that skirt.

  2. ibaimerepek.blogspot.comJune 23, 2013 at 3:51 PM

    what no head!? :P

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! shy shy mar! =] read my other posts if you are wondering how my head looks like. :DDDDDDDDDD

  4. Gorgeous skirt! Makes my hand itchy to go shopping lol. Btw, i remember seeing something similar in Kitschen, i think. :)

  5. Hi Laura Lee! Why thank you! =] Bandage skirts are EVERYWHERE, it makes me even want to shop for more colours! Teehee, get one and I think u'll love it instantly ;p

  6. Hi Anne! You can pair it with tees for casual looking =] I used to think like that because it's tooo sexy jor but asking around in Polyvore helped me to boost my confidence and ideas haha!

  7. QUEENNIE!! To tell the truth, I'm not a slim girl. trust me, im more to uk10-12 T_T