My favourite stalker. =)

Olah! Went out with BF to check on our telco service in Sunway Pyramid. We had dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant, I just love their Xi Mut Milk Tea. Sungguh delicious!

Sweet corn soap

BF's favourite french toast

And my must-have beef rice with baked cheese. on nom nom nom!


Chic Makeup For Glasses by Michelle Phan

Decided to ditch my glasses for this awesome look by Michelle Phan, my favourite Youtube makeup guru in the entire world! I modified the look from her makeup vid, more fierce? HAHA

The look.

What do you think?


Polyvore: a Quiet Afternoon

Quiet afternoon

My vintage inspired piece: a Quiet Afternoon


Kissing the beach goodbye.

That's me and my BF, driving all the way to Kuantan just to escape the buzz buzz city - Kuala Lumpur. We planned this trip a month advance so that we could adjust our schedule. Teehee. No doubt this is the best trip ever even though it is only for 2D1N.

Teehee. My funny looking BF

We stayed at his relative's place around Teluk Chempedak which is so cool because it's near to the beach!

I have never been to Kuantan before and I am truly amazed HOW CLEAN the beach is! Penang has great beaches but it is not as clean as Kuatan. I'm not biased, I DO NOT HATE PENANG. I love Penang people, I even have close Penang friends, my BF's hometown is Penang so yeah... I DO NOT HATE PENANG.

Why I always end up with a Penang guy? 


See the clean beach!? =] So cantik kan?? Spent whole day wandering the beach and enjoyed the view. How can you miss this amazing view in Malaysia? Forget about Mauritius, enjoy the sunny beach in Malaysia first! Hmm, I hope my Mauritius classmate will not find this out or else I'll be dead. It's expensive to go to Mauritius okay. Haha!

My outfit of the day
Top/Dress: PhatCulture
Shorts: Oreef
Necklace: Diva
Tote bag: Charles and Keith (a gift from cousin)
Flipflops: Tropicana Life

I like this photo so much! He wore his favourite Adidas tee with PDI shorts.

BF and I goofing around the beach.

McDonalds at Teluk Chempedak

Nice outlet okay! and it's CLEAN!!

The next day before returning to the buzz city, we headed to BF's uncle's stall to have a delicious meal. It claims to be a famous stall in Kuantan, I've been told that the queue is quite long everyday. 

It was in the newspaper!

Pork noodles. Yum yum ^^

I indeed had the best pork noodles! It is so yummy!! =] They are famous for Char Koay Teow, unfortunately I did not take picture because I was on nom nom nom my BF's char koay teow. =P

I've linked the map for the food, the shop name is TC Restaurant, located at the corner so it won't be hard to find the shop. =]

Kuantan trip is a successful one because BF and I did not make an argument, we tend to argue in every trip. I don't know WHY. 0.0 The beach is lovely and I will be back with family, enjoying the view from Hyatt aiteee. =P

Hmmm... BUT I miss their fatty cutey pet, Elmo the Shih Tzu!

My favourite fatty fatty Elmo =]

Elmo is on top of BF. TEEHEE. TOO KEWT!!! 



OOTD #3 Quiet day

Bag: Sometime, Bangsar
Necklace: Diva

Enjoyed the beach last Saturday at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan, Pahang. Missing the beach already :[ Anyway, I shall blog about the road trip soon. :)


I'm back!



Polyvore: Chill Out

Chill Out


Too excited yet too early!?

I must be fucking excited on this coming Kuantan trip. I've never been to Pahang, well except for Genting, everybody knows that aite? The thing is, I've never step my foot on East Peninsular Malaysia, especially the beach. I heard that it's cleaner than PD and of course, filthy beach of Penang (don't smack me aite, I used to live beside Penang beach so I know HOW dirty the beach can be)

It's okay to be excited but it's NOT okay when it comes to packing. The trip is on this Saturday and I have packed my stuff today (Thursday)! How crazy is that! I hate packing in the very last minute like, a night before the trip? because I will get panic and forgot to bring some stuff, the essential ones 0.0

Based on the tweet above, was I excited or angry? I have no idea LOL.


Being TWO and ONE


A gift from my brother.

Celebrated my birthday with my very close friends at Italianese, The Curve for just a simple dinner. All of us shared the same laughter, especially with Martin's typical jokes, he always good at that.

Purposely went to Levain to purchase this Criollo Arabica.
A layer of Almond Sponge soaked in Espresso syrup, Ganache and Coffee Buttercream.

We are forming a pyramid!

The girls =)

The guys

My closest friends 

BF and I, finally we can take a nice picture =)

Note: Watch it in HD (720p)

I almost forget that Italianese offers this service, which made me so embarrassing. Oh well, it will be a memorable day for me =)


Who's the sexiest man alive?

Teehee. My boyfriend perhaps? He is not bad but but but I would still prefer Wang Lee Hom because he has the sexiest look, body and voice. =]

Ask me anything


I always cry when I listen to this song.

流淚手心 作詞:許常德 作曲:王力宏
你是自由的 生命有太多 
會隨你鬆開的手而喊停 我試著微笑 
(試著微笑) 試著擁抱 
在每一秒 我不想看見閉上的眼睛 
害怕你最後 化成淚溜出手心 
你給過的承諾 我怎麼能不放手 
他的愛多遼闊 這是我的手 
它牽過你往事中度過 這段漫長的路 


Bandage Skirt

I had received my parcel from SistaClosette, I ordered a pink bandage skirt just to fill up my closet space lol.
I have never own a single bandage skirt until now and I'm simply love it!

Tank top: Forever 21
Bandage skirt: SistaClosette

Tee: Brand Outlet

I submitted a question on Polyvore [link] and here are some of the ideas on wearing this hot pink bandage skirt.

 I'm so happy about this skirt I think I might wear it to my birthday dinner. =]


OOTD #2 BunnyBerry

Tank dress with long cardigan! Great way to spice up my outfit with my favourite flip flops :)

Tank dress: PhatCulture
Cardigan: Cotton On
Flipflops: Tropicana Life

Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone

Who inspires me:

Adele, 2009 Best  New Artist Grammy Winner stated, 
"Turn my sorrow into treasured gold"

I can't wait to be 21



What's your favourite colour?

What's your favourite colour?

Answer here

Chronicles of Pink:

Do you love pink?

I wasn't a pink lover when I was young, I hate pink so much because it was so girlish and pretty-pretty-princess, like EWWW... Why did pink ever existed!?

But I was madly in love with Hello Kitty, ironically.

In stead, I loved Black instead! Just because of it coolness and I-would-be-so-unique-cuz-black-no-girl-like-black. As a kid I would dressed up in black: black shirt with black jeans PLUS black sneakers. I have no idea why I could even dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

That is stupid.

Hello Kitty!!!!

Even Shimmy loves Hello Kitty!

Shimmy is a hot white guy stuck in asian body, that's what he said. LOL


as an adult now I love PINK #likenothingelse. Is this because of the hormones? I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure this a fact. I mean, I love fashion and makeup, playing dress up all the time (THIS IS GIRLISH) but but but I still love black.

Boom babeh! See how cool are black and pink? They pimp up everything! =] They give vintage vibe and the best part is, they don't give a damn punk effect. It all started from Avril Lavigne like viral 0.0 

Before you start to hit me Avril's fans, I am one of her fans too! So stop hitting your sister okay, STOP.

Back to my question: 
Do you love pink? What is your favourite colour then? 

Leave your comment below and let's create a rainbow comment together =}