Is this enough?

One thing I hate about myself is that I will be less confidence on my body figure when I see some beautiful girls' photos on Facebook, especially those who successfully transformed into pretty and sexy. Look at me, I'm just plain.

I have been whining to my boyfriend every time I face this kind of low self-esteem issue. He would repeat the same sentence, 'you are pretty enough for me', he clearly does not understand the situation I have.

I'm a plain Jane. Look, those pretty ladies are either smart and beautiful or really have good social life! Look at me, I always stuck in my house all the time and I rarely go to clubs or pubs. 1)Parents will be extremely worry about my safety. 2)I'm fucking poor. Looking at their photos make me sad, I'm not saying that I want to party 24/7 or party zombie, I want to have a great life!

My look is rather different than the rest, I rely on jeans because sexy dress does not suit me at all. I'm just not pretty enough I guess. Sigh... I want to improve my look because I want to 'fit in' into the society, especially KL!

I might be a 'city girl' but I don act like one of them.

Sigh... I've been improving myself in four years!! I'm turning 21 next month and I want to look fabulous.


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  1. I can't agree with you more. Even the whining part and what the boyfriend says is exactly the same. =X

  2. be optimistic girl.
    i'm exactly like u, at least i thought so. i'm ugly and poor.
    at least u have a bf who say that 'u're pretty enough for me',my bf agrees that i'm ugly, though i know he still love me. think the better side, wouldnt it be pathetic if ur bf says, "ya lo, why u so ugly one?" lol only insane bfs will say confident, try sexy dresses because the confidence brings out the beauty in u! 

    i too am poor and i have a dad who gives me curfew, believe it or not, my dad wants me to be home by 12am! i talked to him nicely about it and now, i can go out till late once in a while.

    as for the social part, i'm lucky i've good social life. i've great friends that hang out with me often. but then i rarely club 'cause most of my friends are like good girls with strict dads lol. i'm lucky to have sisters and cousins and bf who bring me to club once in a while.

    gosh didnt expect myself to type so much on a stranger's blog, maybe it's because i felt like i'm exactly like u and i really understand how u feel. lol good luck! :D

  3. whoahhh stranger, this is one long comment. HAHA. joking!

    Yeah, I am being optimistic at some points. My social life is not that good acutally, my friends have their own curfews (at most 10pm!)  and some of them stay so far. We only can hang out during uni terms but right now we are having summer break. T_T I miss them now.

    I did tried on some sexy but not slutty outfits but i don't wear them every time, I don't feel like me. :) Maybe I was a bit jealous but hey, at least I'm still enjoying my life in my own way lalala~ When I blog through my phone, it's gonna be either some emotional breakdown or green eye monster is approaching. XD

    Anyway, Thanks for commenting. :D I AM APPRECIATING RIGHT NOW. 

    ps: u and i must be long lost sisters. lol... but i understand that many of us (the gals) felt in the same way sometimes except if they're fricking pretty. :)