Curves in blogging/life.

I used to jot down every bits of my life in a book, known as the diary. Usually I would write about the cute guy who talked to me in class or that annoying bitch who can’t keep her mouth shuts from days to days. Switching to blog was part of my transformation and it’s all happened when I chose to leave Penang (or my parents’ choice) and to live where my hometown is - Kuala Lumpur.

Dealing with loads of dramas in KL, I couldn’t the lifestyle over here. Frankly speaking, I wasn't like any of my classmates in a new school. To me, they choose friends based on your family financial status, what is your dad’s job or what phone you are using. In other words, they are quite materialistic or maybe, I couldn’t step out from my comfort zone.

I wasn't giving up, I looked through a trend where everyone is talking about: blog. I thought I could jot down every bits of my life on the laptop and not in a diary, that would save a lots of trees. The first post was actually a testing post, I blogged about MTV Awards. Nothing much.

The second post would be the emotional ones. One day my friend from Penang posted a class photo on Friendster, the photo is full of smiles which I can’t have. My first year in KL school was a mess, I wished I could go back and be with them.  
It was four years ago…

I was quite active once I had finished my National Service (NS) training, it was 2008. Eager to have a new life in KL as I have new friends from NS and some high school gatherings, I feel that I could have something which I wanted so much: friendship.

While waiting for Form 6 confirmation letter, one of my friend from Penang came down and wanted to have lunch with me after we had a quarrel for a year. He brought along his cousin, who I can say is a cool blur guy, who also happened to be my current boyfriend for 3 years. My blog was full of him him him him him him lol… A guy who practically saved my social life as I was hardly go out with anyone.

Optimistic much. Form 6 was a goof life, my new classmates were friendly and they have blogs, too! I always exchange thoughts on blogs and that is how I got so active and learnt a lot from blogging. It also the time I joined Nuffnang, I was able to reach out to other blogs and shared comments. Through blogging, I could say that it’s not about what you think, it’s about how you express yourself to the world or a certain community. Being a blogger for your years, as my life is starting to have sparks and meaningful, my blog is really…happy or emotionally happy.

I can get what I wanted so badly: Friendship and love.

Reading my old posts would lighten up my mood, I can feel how lucky I am. I was able to gain what I want in a year, I was able to step out from my comfort zone (going out and have fun), how outgoing I was (joining some public events without shame). I was having fun despite some sad posts.

2011 and here I am, attending classes in a university, having a stable relationship with that blur guy, great bonding with friends from Penang, Form 6 and uni mates. A blog which have memories, it reminds me of who am I, how lucky I am now, how blissful I am now. My blog may not be featured in a blogsphere or not about any exclusive events but my blog is unique, it represents of who am I, a normal girl just like any others in any ordinary life.

Frankly speaking, this is my online journal. Like it or not, it is a place for me to express everything.

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