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01 November 2015



Are you a big fan of hair extensions? Unless you are a major fan of Kylie Jenner, we are not really exposed to hair extensions due to the hot weather in Malaysia. However, Irresistible Me approached me to do a review on their hair extensions few weeks back. I was sceptic at first, like why would I want to get a hair extension but at the same time, I want to try it out and see how will I look with hair extensions.


In the end, I couldn’t complain because Irresistible Me Hair Extensions are just GORGEOUS. I’ve never been so happy for a hair product in my life! Read on to find out why!




Irresistible Me is a young hair product brand hail from The States! They are famous for amazing clip-in hair extensions but also provide tonnes of hair styling products, such as hair tools, hair accessories, hair wigs and so much more! When it comes to hair extensions, it means business here. Irresistible Me Hair Extensions comes in two ranges: Silky Touch and the premium range -  Royal Remy, both offer 100% human Remy hair.




I picked Irresistible Me Silky Touch in medium brown ($199)  in 22 inches, 200g to match with my thick copper brown hair. The hair extensions comes with variety of options, from one clip to four clip, which is able to cater to your own styling, whether to go heavy or light (as seen picture above). Moreover, it is very easy to wear the hair extensions! I have no trouble in getting the extensions onto my real hair, it took me 10 minutes to clip the extensions.


I decided to wear the extension to a dinner date with my love yesterday, it was his Birthday! I didn’t mind to put extra effort to look polished that evening and the result was amazing! I was so surprised how nice it looks on me! The length of the extension is appropriate, right above of my hips!




I just can’t stop playing with my long curly hair, it was just surreal! My boyfriend was surprised and he thought I did my hair at a saloon ;) Boy, I was happy that evening! I’m not going to lie, having Irresistible Me hair extensions can actually boost my confidence!



I love my bouncy curls!




So guys, it’s time to level up the hair styling game! I am definitely going to style my hair with Irresistible Me hair extension for that special occasion *wink. If you want to find out what’s so special about Irresistible Me, do check out their website at www.irresistibleme.com.



Irresistible Me Silky Touch

Colour  : Silky Medium Brown #4

Length  : 14 inches – 24 inches

Weight  : 100g - 200g

Price     : $79 onwards



*The product is a gift from Irresistible Me. However, the review is solely based on personal opinion.

19 comments on "[REVIEW] Irresistible Me Hair Extensions"
  1. Wow! It looks pretty natural! Great choice of hair extension!

  2. You look so different with the extensions. Also, I can't even tell that they are not your real hair!

  3. The hair extension looks real! Cantik

    Kolin zainal

  4. can't even tell they are actually extensions! Not bad pricing too, usually for that much it would have easily cost $200 & above

    1. Yea! Perhaps you could check out their site to find out more as they always do promotion with free shipping service :a

  5. Wah... it really looks new on you. I wanted to have it too. Looks great when take photo.

    1. You should check out their site for more choices ya! Hehehe

  6. Oh wow....!!! I did not know there are hair extensions that allow you to clip on and go in 10 minutes whenever you want it....!!! This is pretty amazing.... I learnt something new and with my pathetic thinning hair since I am getting old, this is probably handy!

  7. That was stunning result! I would love to try this.

  8. i like it! so natural and beautiful long hair with you :) hmm...can share whether easier to do it by our ownself? or we need other ppl to help to fix on our hair? Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Hi Sienny, thanks for commenting! I actually looked for tutorials on Youtube and found this useful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_kawhKtJsI
      Hope it helps!

  9. Wow I wanted to get those hair extention too. Looks natural and beautiful on you.

  10. the hair extension looks good on you. You look beautiful! :)

  11. looks good, and so natural! perfect for those special occasions when you want to impress :)

  12. looks really nice on you, i hope to try on the clip on too since you say it's so simple to do haha


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