Review: Maybelline New York Lashionista mascara

Hello smexies!

I had no intention to purchase a mascara as I personally have half a dozen of mascaras. Don't ask me why I collect so many mascaras, normally two mascaras are enough for few months before disposal BUT I just love to try out different mascaras.

This time around, it is all about Lashionista from Maybelline. It has been in the mascara market for few years but it hit into Malaysian's beauty shelf recently. I bought this as Watson's was having promotion on this 'new' product for it own members.

So what is so lashionable about this mascara?
It is a non-waterproof mascara that contains new innovated light fibers which helps to stay up the lashes by 4mm. Moreover, it is 24 hours smudge proof (resist tears and sebum).

This is how it looks like on my lashes (LEFT: WITH | RIGHT: WITHOUT).

Close up

It is so obvious that my lashes look pointy without clump because Lashionista formula is light. Moreover, this mascara is suitable for normal days without looking overly done. I look pretty decent with light formula mascara


The price of Lashionista is affordable for a student like me , it is less than RM40 for sure (I've forgotten the price lol). Overall, I am satisfied with this mascara but mind you, this is NOT a waterproof mascara. Although it is claimed as smudge-proof mascara, I am living in Malaysia. One sweat and I would end up looking like a clown. Nevertheless, it does not smell weird, so I would say this is a decent mascara.

What is your mascara pet peeve? Do share your story by commenting below!