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19 February 2014

Good day smexies! Often times I always love to browse through Pinterest or We Hear It just to get some party inspiration. However, it didn't end good because my hands are allergic to decoration (it would end like.... something rhymes with sheet).But 'fret not, my loves! We have Four Winks here to cater all the party necessities and decorations for your precious event!

Four Winks is a fun and loving event planning service, specializing in catering for people with specific dietary requirements and quirky/unique decoration demands. No kidding, the team behind Four Winks is packed of fun and energetic people, making sure that everyone deserves a 'ka-pow' party.

I was invited to their launch party at a lovely neighbourhood. The place was decorated with lots of colour balloons and DIY crafts but I was drawn into the dessert section instead! Pretty and colourful desserts/pastries was displayed on the table, it was just like Hansel and Gratel discovered a candy cottage.

Lana, the Sugar Director told us that these desserts are diary-free and healthy, suitable for those who are allergic to diary products and health conscious. That is so thoughtful of them :)

I can sense that some of you are starting to drool over these cute pastries, I mean who doesn't like cupcakes!? I tried all the pastries and trust me, it taste delicious! Yummy treats for us who loves to have pastries while struggling to slim down HAHA.

So babes, if you wanted to throw an awesome party with healthy food and creative decoration, you should check them out! It's not hard to get them because the team is based in Klang Valley. Do visit them at to find out more!

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Yours truly, signing off =)

18 comments on "Introducing Four Winks - Event/Party Planner"
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  2. Give me the cupcake!! Hahaha joking =) But it looks so yummy and delicious and cute!! =DD gig

  3. i love sweets and desserts. would love to have those cupcakes *gup gup gupp*

  4. Those cupcakes and pavlova om nom nom! Love how they decorate the place :)

  5. oh cute cupcakes :) i m not struggling to slim down ;) so i will eat them all :P

    Beauty Redefined


  6. They food looks delicious... hard to believe these are the healthy options... they usually do not look so attractive

  7. wow, are these really healthy ? they look amazing - - giglove

  8. Great that the desserts are dairy free and healthy! Looks delicious. Lovely photos. :)

  9. the food looks delicious. I bet it was a great and fun event. hehe.

    GIG Love

  10. lovely cupcake!!! it seem like an amazing event!

  11. the cakes look amazing! sounds like such a great event!

  12. Yum!! Those desserts look so yummy! Glad you got to try them. LOL gig

  13. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieFebruary 25, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    I'm hungry just looking at these pictures - This looks phenomenal! <3 GIGLove

  14. Love the yummy-ness on the table! The decoration looks awesome!

  15. nicole, it looks like such a great time! :) the sweet treats look delicious and not to mention the decorations! :) giglove

  16. Aaahh!!! These are looking so delish and drool-worthy :-D Sweet tooth like me, loved these scrumptious goods by soul ;)

  17. I agree, these cupcakes look so delish, I wanna eat one now. :)

  18. I'm liking this business idea, very clever. I would definitely love to hire something like this for an event <3 GIG


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