Review: SHILLS Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit *Vlog*

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17 January 2014
Hey there, smexies and cuties!

I bet many of us are exciting for the Chinese New Year celebration, the Chinese of course! Have you bought all of the new shoes, clothes and bags? Anyway, many of you are probably arrange the perfect timing to go back to your hometown to celebrate with your loved ones, except for me because my hometown is Kuala Lumpur!

Anyway, here is another collaboration with Shills Malaysia! They contacted me earlier to review their latest bath range - Shills Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit. To make thing even awesome, I shall review the kit using vlog concept!

 Yes, a video review!

I have to apologize that the quality of the video turned out to be eeeeek! 
I was expecting it to be available in HD, but it didn't show up! I need to learn how to use
Youtube from now on!

I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know what do you think of the video and where I should improve, it would be lovely to read your comments so that I would know where to polish! ^^

24 comments on "Review: SHILLS Rose Essential Pampering Travel Kit *Vlog*"
  1. i never try this product but the packaging is so pretty & cute <3

  2. hi there! i haven't heard of the product before but I agree with you that the packaging is bulky. maybe the manufacturer should consider putting it inside a travel kit bag instead :-) a pink one with flowers would look really nice ^_^

    GIG LOVE! <3

  3. Thank you for your feedback, babe! I would definitely improve the quality next time :)

  4. Hi love, thank you for leaving a comment! Shills is a famous beauty brand from Taiwan, many Taiwanese celebrities use it because it's good!
    Yeah, if they considered to pack it in a travel kit bad, that would be great!


  5. Interesting. I'm not a fan of the label's design, it reminds me of the really cheap stuff for some reason. They can do a better design I think!

  6. I love the packaging, most of the time i buy product just because of that... >< have to try it #GIGlove

  7. Oh this reminds me so much when we celebrate the New Year in my hometown, my granny always has rose included and rose water and what not. I should ask her why she did that before. And Happy New Year to you. xx Donah giglove

  8. These products look adorable!!! The flower cups are too cute, would be sad to use them ^^


  9. I love anything that has rose! :D and you sure have made use of youtube sweetheart! well done :)

  10. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieJanuary 25, 2014 at 1:52 AM

    What a beautiful products, I just adore the packaging. I'm a big fan of roses I general and love them with beauty products! #GIGLove

  11. I've never heard about the brand. The packaging is adorable!

  12. I don't know about this brand, but I love the color! It's pink! Lol. I love the packaging. :)

  13. Agreed with everyone, the packaging is very cute, the little roses caps look really pretty <3

  14. The Packaging is super cute !! and rose is one of my favorite essence when it comes to bathing products !!

    xx Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche!
    P.S.: Giveaway on the Blog

  15. I haven't tried anything from Shills yet. The packaging is so nice though. *-*

  16. Shills have really good stuff! I love using their products..Ps..couldn't really hear what you were saying in the video!

  17. Never heard of Shills, but they're stuff looks cute! It does look very convenient and ideal for travelling!

  18. such a cute set! ive used their masks before and havent thought about trying their other products out

  19. Look so cute! It really stole my heart with that pink colour <3

  20. I like pink and I easily fell in love with the packaging! Haven't used any of the products from the brand though. giglove

  21. The packaging is so cute. These would be perfect to throw into my bag whenever I leave for a quick trip.

  22. love the pink packaging. perfect for carrying around


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