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15 July 2013

Hello smexies! I'm really excited to share my another simple and quick makeup look with you! Recently I've been hooking up with the latest summer 2013 trend (thanks to Google!) and I found out that the colours for summer are always vivid and vibrant, giving it the extra oomph! for our look.

My favourite trend is colourful liner! I'm kind of on-the-go person, I do not have the time for my makeup! I always love to grab my essentials: lip tint, eyeliner, compact powder when I'm out for running errands. When I'm in the mood, I would love to pick vibrant eyeliner to match with my outfit =)

If you have noticed, I love to combine yellow and blue to my eyes because of its vibrant colour. You can try with your favourite colours ie. purple x orange, green x yellow, pink x violet blue... BE CREATIVE! It's summer, fun is all you need!

Source: Makeupforlife

If you don't have vibrant eyeliner (like me!), it's fine to use the choice of your eyeshadow. All you need to do is to damp your eyeshadow brush with water, I use water bottle spray because it's easier to control. Next, choose the choice of your eyeshadow and rub your brush few times on the eyeshadow palette to pick up a generous amount of eyeshadow on your brush. When you apply the colour on your eyes, do add several layers to build the intensity of the colour, the more intensity the more vibrant your eyeshadow will be.

I did on my upper and lower lid with yellow and blue eyeshadow respectively. To enhance the definition of my eyes, I apply a black liquid eyeliner on my upper lid with a small wing. To finish the look, just curl your lashes and apply mascara! If you want to add some drama, false lashes will work like wonders!


I hope you enjoy reading this post. What's your favourite summer colours? Do leave a comment and let me know! =)

44 comments on "How To: Summer vibrant eyeliner look"
  1. Yesh! I love coloured liner too! Easier than blending eyeshadows, lol. I love purple, blues and greens for liner.

  2. never tried fancy liner before cos... don't have occasion to apply it =.=

  3. virtual high 5! You can wear any colour, darling! =)

  4. Haha. True but once in awhile I will play with my makeup =D

  5. Can you recommend any quality eyeliners at a affordable price? Somehow, all the eyeliners that I can afford are crap.

  6. what colour of eyeliner you looking for? if you looking for black I strongly recommend you Kate!!!! you can drop by my blog for the review.

  7. i love purple n blues too!!!!!!!!!

  8. love the yellow brighten up your eyes!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Cynthia, if you want a high quality eyeliner I would recommend Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eyeliner because the texture is creamy and easy to draw. I actually love to use Silkygirl funky eyeliner, it's cheap and creamy as well. I always apply eyeshadow primer (UD or NYX) first so that my eyeliner will be long lasting =)

    hope this help!

  10. I love the blue & yellow combination! :D Reminds me of the seaside and Spongebob somehow..

  11. nice colour combination! too bad i don't know how to apply liner *shy =X please teach me!! :(

  12. christabellanathaniaJuly 16, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    Nice post!


  13. Hi Sharon, thank you for your comment. I guess I better do a tutorial then!

  14. Love it!!! So perfect and beautiful!

    Don't forget to check my giveaway!



  15. I do this all the time too during summer! sometimes even the gradation of colors in one line :D

  16. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieJuly 16, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    So bold & fun - LOVE it! :)

  17. Cute look. Definitely perfect for summer.

  18. Great make-up :) Thank you, Nat #Giglove

  19. looks good on you! ive never braved to use colorful liners yet but i think it's cool!

  20. I love to see your makeup! It's simple but turn out really nice :)
    for me, I love to use pink and blue color for summer look. hehe


  21. What a bold yet light look! Love the summer colors. They look especially pretty on you in particular.

  22. I love the blue on you! I like to wear blue and purple, but I have a hard time with yellow :(

  23. OMG!! i love the eye liner♥

  24. what brand is that? #‎GIGersGivers‬

  25. Rosalie B.TangonanJuly 17, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    it looks so good on you! what brand is it? #GIG love

  26. Oh blue in the lash line look so pretty and perfect for summer! love the yellow eyeshadow in the first picture as well :)
    Big hugs <3

  27. Hi babe, i used Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette! :)

  28. love the blue liner!

  29. Always looking for a good black eyeliner.

    Drop by my blog. Maybe even follow me. LOL

  30. Love the eye makeup! Really perfect for summer. I also love the yellow eyeshadow. :) I hope I can pull up a look like this one too :)

  31. So fun! Looks great!! I do a lot of bronze smokey liner in summer because it still looks nice when it smudges all over :p

  32. I love the use of colour! Great tips!

  33. Love the eyes.. it really vibrant :)

  34. Pretty! It looks so fresh and vibrant even with the minimal use of eyeshadows. Definitely perfect for summer.

  35. Wow :) Looking great! You can definitely wear colored eyeliner!

  36. wow! That looks amazing! Im so jealous of how great it looks on you!!

  37. Wow love love love the makeup. If only I could pull it off hehe.. <3

  38. i have always love adding a pop of colour to my eyes! :D it's a nice way to add a little fun


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