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16 June 2013

Good day smexies! Guess what, I joined a blog contest by Butterfly Project conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia and I won a pair of Havaianas flip flops! To tell the truth, I actually submitted this contest few minutes before the deadline without thinking, I thought that it is necessary to join this contest in order to score a pass to Butterfly Project's Spa Party! 

*flip table*

Anyway, since boyfie is away from Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for him, he got to enjoy the beach in Kuantan while I went to the concrete jungle to redeem my Havaianas flip flops! (Pavilion lar!) Frankly speaking, I do enjoy shopping alone because there's no one to stop me from spending my moolah away! Whenever my boyfriend is around, he would be like 'No, you have that already'; 'Can we go for a movie? That way you can't spend any money on unnecessary things'. Oh really, he meant it that way!

So many series to choose!
Check out the prints! #Swag
I chose Havaianas Slim Sand Grey  because it reflects my fair feet! I was choosing either to go with black or sand grey. Black is definitely the ultimate choice because it matches with anything I wear, it is just versatile. However, the colour is too common in the market. Thus, sand grey is second best colour I could go for. Pink in other hand is too striky! Even though it's cute but when it comes to mix and match.... I can't imagine it. 

After redeemed this pair of fabulous flip flops, I hop to Chatime for a good old Mango Green Tea! Life is so good when no one is there to stop me to do ANYTHING! Hehehehehehe...


32 comments on "My Havaianas Experience"
  1. Wow, so lucky!! :D I like the colour you choose, very unique and definitely goes with everything, hehe~ :D

    1. Wow girl! You're fast! Thank you :D I really like this colour

  2. I have yet to collect mine! Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you have any issues when redeeming the e-voucher? Or did all the staff know of our impending arrivals?

    Happy wearing your new Havaianas and see you and your new sandals at the Party!

    1. Hi there! The staff knew about us HAHA! when i got there, i shown the e-voucher to them! All they need is your IC for verification purpose. They are super friendly so no worriee! ;) I cant wait to see you all in the party!

  3. omg i can't believe you won! the havianas look super cute c:

  4. sweet! I took this colour too!! (also because there weren't many choices left T__T

    1. Really?? awww.... it's okay! The colour is nice!

  5. this colour can suit many outfit :) congrats Nicole!

    1. Thank you Illy! Will you be at the party!?

  6. congratz nicole!! waiting to meet u two weeks later! :)

    1. Can't wait to meet you, too! It's been a year I would say ;P

  7. Replies
    1. Haha, get other series Hilda! It's much more nicer :D

  8. Great shots! I'm not a flip flop girl but there are some seriously cute designs there. :)

  9. Lovely pics!! Seema you had a heaps and heaps of fun xoxo #GIGBlogger

  10. i always found that there flipflops were the comfiest for their price! ^.^ congrats on winning a pair

  11. Awesome choices for flip flops!

  12. Lovely flip flops !!

  13. Those flip-flops are absolutely adorable! what a great brand :)

    Style Without Limits

  14. It was my fave brand! Great post & adorable pics

  15. You selected a great pair. Lovely orange nails

  16. Congrats on winning the contest! :D You have chosen a nice pain.. suits your feet ;)
    I liked the zebra print too..
    <3 #GIG

  17. wow, it's raining flip flops. love the designs! Congrats love. x

  18. Ohh well, I've always had a thing for flip-flops. They're so comfy!! ^____^
    And that yellow one looks so summer-y! xx :)

  19. Thanks Somdyuti! It's summer alright! :D

  20. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you
    decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx


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