HiShop May Surprise

Hey smexies!

May is ending pretty soon but there's still something worth cheering for - HiShop May Surprise Pack! If you have not heard of HiShop, it is a online beauty and cosmetics store that carry genuine products from various famous brands. In this May Surprise Pack, we will have the chance discover these three different brands that are available at HiShop!

First off, I found out that the name of this brand is kinda cute at its own way. Quote by the creator of Jelly Pong Pong, Susan Chyi, Jelly Pong Pong is 'a name which will always be strange to many, was born from the notion of wanting to invoke the eccentricity that is innate in all of us. The fascination & awe that we arouse simply by being different and perfectly unique.' The product that I received is Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss and Cheek Blusher, which happens to be my all time favourite makeup product because it's convenient! 

Eyebrows in a bottle, it says. Brow Extender is from Mircoz, a brand which carries 'Do It Your' concept in each of their products. They believe that we can enjoy the fun of beauty even at home! I can have fuller looking eyebrows because of its Natural Tiny Fibers and Natural Italian Clay. 

Last but not least, Scent Affair Fragrant Body Wash in Almond Oil. Scent Affair caters several body wash scents that could ease our mind, calming us and bring back our sweet and happy memories. I always heard of the ad of this brand in the radio but I couldn't find it. Thanks to HiShop, I am able to try it out and share my thoughts with my lovely smexies. 

Are you thrilled with all these fabulous beauty products? HiShop is currently having flash sales on Jelly Pong Pong! It will be an opportunity for you all to discover your possible new love, just look at the new packaging! 

Also, I have another fabulous surprise for you all! HiShop is giving away an exclusive discount code for my dear readers! You can now get RM20 rebate off your total purchase (with minimum of RM99 of course). 

The code is. *drum roll please* 

By the way, I'm not sure which product I should review first. Can you help me to choose? Just leave your comment below and I will review the product that has the highest votes! Thanks love!