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13 January 2013
As you all might know, I can't live without eyeliner (I have four eyeliners with me because I'm obsessed with it, seriously!) I love how an eyeliner can change one eye into something fun and more energetic look. The sad thing about me with my naked face on, my eyes tend to look really sleepy even thought I'm not. That's why cat eyeliner would always be my favourite daily look!

Geometric Eyes, however, is one of the makeup trend for fall 2012. The look can be done by creating a fun geometric shape (like triangular) to compliment your eye structure. I personally think that this look is perfect for a brand new start of 2013! This makeup trend is quirky and also a modern approach to lining your eyes.

In order to create this look, you need a ruler to draw the perfect shape.

Just kidding! (Excuse me for my lame pun)

To achieve this look, all you need is a good eyeliner with sharp tip because it helps to create the exact shape that you want. You can be creative by adding bold colours, inspired by the 60's glam (take Twiggy for instance) in creating a even bolder look.

What do you think about this trend, would you try this out?

7 comments on "Makeup Trend: Geometric Eyes"
  1. I would challenged myself with that makeup except the top picture the most right is impossible becoz it looks so scary ;X

    1. Hahaha... The look somehow resembles fantasy theme to me, ie Alice in Wonderland =)

  2. The Block Eyeliner! But that needs a very good smudge-proof eyeliner

    1. Yea, a good smudge proof is definitely important in achieving this look or else wewould end up looking like pandas hehe

    2. But its super hard to find one which is smudge-proof

  3. The 3rd girl in the first photo looks bloody scary LOL

    1. LOL. Perfect for the Halloween I guess :P


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