Glamourous Burgandy and University Life

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24 January 2013
'I can't wait for this coming semester, it will be my last third semester!'

My previous assignments are ready for collection and I was pretty nervous about it, since I wasn't doing well in the past semester. However, I was surprised that I did okay, giving that most of my assignments are in merit except for my HR subject, I got distinction for the individual assignment! *I spent four days in doing that essay and it's TOUGH to get distinction from my HR lecturer!* 

Still, I got all merits in total! *bye bye first class*


Anyway, I am currently looking for several looks for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I keep looking for inspirations through Pinterest, my favourite inspirational source site! There are so many pretty pictures, my favourite part would be makeup trends and crafts because these make me smile all the time! 

I bumped onto Revlon New Shanghai Collection (last fall) campaign picture on Pinterest, the collection is surprisingly Shanghai - with all the glamourous purple and famous red lips on most Shanghai women in those days. 
Emma Stone
I was really inspired when I saw this look. Without hesitation, I took out my makeup tools and completed the look with my own interpretation (It doesn't look like the look above but heck, first attempt is usually bad) HAHA

I choose to line the cat eyeliner downwards, creating a beautiful doll eye ('cause I'm Asian, that's why LOL).  This would help me in enlarging and brigtening my small eye, giving it a beautiful anime character eye. (Which might be true because I look so animated when I blink my eyes) My eyeshadows are in geometric shape using burgundy and brown matte to sharpen the edges.

Now tell me, what do you think about this look? Personally, I like this look very much because it suits me very well and I've mastered the technique in creating downwards eyeliner! If you like this look as much as I do, I will be happy to create a tutorial for you guys! Just let me know by leaving a comment and like this picture on my Facebook page so that I will know!

There are more looks to come for Valentine's and CNY, I'm still thinking which look is suitable for both occasions! =3


12 comments on "Glamourous Burgandy and University Life"
  1. what bout dark red lips?? it will look great on you :)

    1. The colour i have with me is too vampy-ish, i was looking around for lips colour couldnt get a the one that i want so I opt for lip gloss instead ╯▂╰

      Thank you for commenting, i need shopping for more lipsticks! Hahaha

    2. No problem babe! Since Chinese New Year is all bout red, dark red lips suits the theme very well.. as for Valentine's Day the pinkish gloss u had in that picture is perfect! it gives a softer look.. overall, nice look :)

      and Happy Chinese New Year in advance! x

  2. W00ts w00ts! I love your eye makeup! :D I somehow still epic fail at putting on more than 1 colour eyeshadow, lol. You MUST get some red/plum lipsticks for that Shanghai looK! XD

    1. Haha, thanks! YESH I WILL, that's why I'm off to shopping now HAHAHAHA =3 I really need to get plum lipsticks for real lol

  3. wooo nice nice! waiting for your tutorial hehe

    1. Hi Yuh Jiun! Thank you, I might make some changes on my tutorial =) Stay tuned!

  4. You look like a doll so cuteeee ❤
    I like the way u make this look from mature and sexy to young and cute way

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment!! :)

  5. great post, I am interesting in it!


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