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17 November 2012
I was excited to be at Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra yesterday to witness myself the glorious moment in Final Fantasy history, Distant Worlds FIRST ever performance in Malaysia. I am not an avid fan of Final Fantasy, I mean I don't really can sit down there and play the game 24/7 HOWEVER before you guys start to shoot an arrow to me I love the soundtrack from the games. My brother is a die hard of Final Fantasy, both games and music, he would actually purchase the original soundtrack albums. Recently he bought Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack when he got back from Japan, talk about loyalty to Final Fantasy :p
We went for the first performance!
Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy is conducted by Arnie Roth, a well-known music director and conductor in FF community for his works in Distant Worlds concert tour and VOICE: Music from Final Fantasy. It was a great experience to be able to see him conducting the whole orchestra, it keeps reminding me how was like to be in an orchestra back in secondary school. 

The whole concert tour was magnificent, especially when they started to play Opening: Bombing Mission, it was like 100% the same as in the game. My brother got thrilled when they played The Man with the Machine Gun, that is one his favourite pieces in Final Fantasy music. Most of the music they played are from Final Fantasy VI, where it started to influence great games with great music. It was a great exposure for the choir and orchestra team because it is indeed kinda like Mozart in video games.

Autographs of Arnie Roth; Stephanie Van Driesen (soprano); Az Samad (guitarist); Ho Chi Mei (soprano); James Long Cai Hunt (tenor); Mak Chi Hoe (bass)
The whole performance wrapped up with two amazing songs, Sudeki Da Ne and One-Winged Angel. Now that's a surprise because One-Winged Angel was not in the set list, we were like W-H-Y!? That music is one of the famous piece in FF music. TRUEEE all of us, included all other audiences applaud after the whole performance.

After all, it was a great concert. I hope they would come back with more surprises, including the appearance of Nobuo Uematsu!! :D


7 comments on "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy"
  1. Aaaaaargh I wish I could've gotten tickets for it!! >__< It sounds so awesome, especially the bonus encore. :D Did you go up to the musicians and ask for their autographs? :D

    1. Hi! Well, they have autograph session right after the concert outside! :D Anyway, there was an empty seat beside us so yeahh... should have called u during intermission HAHA :)

  2. I love orchestras! And yes, One Winged Angel is such a big hit. Despite not being a FF player nor fan, even I know and like the song! :)

    1. That is one of the iconic soundtracks on ff music! :) Yeah, meaning that it is truly a one big hit since u arent into ff haha :)

  3. my brother used to play final fantasy and I always enjoy the musics while doing my things.

    1. Me too! although i seldom play the games but i would definitely listen to their music while studying :)

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