Goodbye August

Goodbye August;
Hello Autumn.

Here's a short update just for you guys. Sorry for not being able to blog for a week, I currently lack of
inspiration to blog. It seems that whenever my semester commences, my otak automatically will
switch to a nerdy pothead. 

Sad, but true.
Meanwhile, I also participated in Nuffnang Facebook Group Contest. Here's my Colours shot on
Nuffnang Shutterbug entry. I didn't think of joining the contest at first, but somehow I managed to
capture this picture while shopping with my boyfriend. So, I will just give it try to submit this photo.
Hopefully it will turn out well *fingers crossed*


Eye Candy in 4 Simple Steps

I'm not sure about you guys but I was pretty excited when I received my academic calender and schedule. Time to get all of my university supplies, such as notebooks, memo pads and tons of cartridge inks (assignments, sigh!). 

Also, I need to stock up some makeup essentials for university, it's a habit to me. I cannot make it to university without applying minimal makeup. In my opinion, it is good to be presentable for class because it shows that you respect the lecture and definitely will be more semangat/wide awake.

Anyway, many of my friends literally ask me the same question: How do you even have time to makeup for morning classes? Well, I have to wake up an hourly early just to get prepared... hair, makeup, clothes, accessories... Okay, I lied wtf. Well basically I have just an easy trick to brighten up my eyes and it's only requires less than 10 minutes. NO LIE.

  1. Use a black eyeliner pencil with creamy texture and line the entire eyelid, it doesn't matter if it's messy.
  2. Use a smudge brush or cotton bud to smudge the black eyeliner to create smokey effect.
  3. Bring the colour down to the centre of lower lash line to balance the black colour. 
  4. Slightly apply any of your favourite colour on the crease area to bring out some colours. Here I use highlighter to brighten up my eyes. You can opt for brown, blue or even green if you want to add some pop on your eyes ;)
  5. Define your eyes using liquid eyeliner (as thin as possible) and apply two coats of mascara on your lashes and you're done!
Don't forget add your favourite lipbalm or lipgloss too! It's important to get lips hydrated for classes whole day long! You don't want to have chapped lips right? :P I hope that this trick could help all of the busy ladies out there! 


Review: SILKYGIRL Limited Edition Ice Cream Lip Pot

Hey loves, I have received a package from SILKYGIRL few weeks ago, the package contains three different lips makeup products and a eyebrows pencil.

So the first thing I'm going to review is their limited edition Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15. What I love about this lip pot is its cute packaging, it looks like any Korean product to me. I have the Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15 in chocolate vanilla, sounds so yummy right?

Not only the packaging itself is cute, the lipbalm is cute too! Just look at the swirl, it reminds me of Cornetto Ice Cream. 

  • It contains Vitamin E to keep lips supple and reduces fine lines
  • It has SPF 15
  • It claims to moisture and soften the lips
  • It has a delicious taste
My nake lips
After applying SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15 in Chocolate Vanilla

  1. It does moistures and soften my lips
  2. Yummylicious taste!!
  3. Inexpensive way to keep lips moistured
  1. It's a limited edition product! How I wish I could this cute product anytime, anywhere!
  2. The product itself is quite soft, so if you use too much of pressure while scooping out the product, you are going to ruin the whole lip pot! 

Will I repurchase it?
Definitely! If they have this product on the rack! :D I really like this product as I love to keep my lips moistured, especially if I'm lazy to apply any lipgloss or run some errands!

Rate: 4/5


Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from SILKYGIRL. Opinions expressed here are my own

Fuck You

I don't care about traffics any more, I just need my life back... MY OWN LIFE.

It happened when this guy, let's name him R, broke my heart into pieces few years back ago (while I was in secondary school), but would still occasionally chat with me now. He often needs my sympathy for his relationship because his gf, let's name her B, cheated on him few times. 

I would say, good for you. Karma is a bitch.

Anyway, last year (around august), he came to me and asked me a favour: to ditch my current bf and go back to him. I was like wtf is wrong with you? Do you really think that I want you back? I have my sweet life with my boy and I don't need you to make it even sweeter, idiot. Not only that, YOU ACCUSED MY BOYFRIEND FOR DOING SOMETHING HE WILL NEVER DO. 

After some times, B&R were back together.

case close. but what the heck... nooo wtf

So we privately Facebook chatted yesterday after I commented on his photo. Again, he complaint his life and his relationship and trying to beg for my sympathy. During the conversation, he would started to type 'that people also said you...', which is strange because who is THAT guy. I personally do not know 'that people'. To my surprise, how come a person whom I do not know would be so good in telling my life IN KL to R. Moreover, there's also another GIRL thinks that she knows me well and was so GOOD in accusing ME for doing SOMETHING.

Again, I do not know them. 
and to R, do I seriously look like a whore? I have a good life in KL. If you really wanted to know more about my current life in KL. Don't just stalk at my Facebook please, just ask me. 
But I will answer you with this:

After the conversation, I still couldn't believe what I'd just saw. I called my bf immediately and told him what had just happened. He wouldn't believe it as well but he tried to calm me down as I was shocked and started to mumble something really stupid.

I couldn't believe that the story of my life in KL would be so interesting in Penang. Why do you have to accuse my boyfriend? It's enough for you to damage my life but why him? He did NOTHING to you and you could actually thought that my bf would call out some of his friends to beat you up... in Penang?

LOL fucker. My man is a gentleman, not your typical Ah Beng. 

Seriously man, you can't even control your bitch so wtf would you even have time to dig my stupid life. You think that by doing so would make you a happy person, knowing that I still have a crappy past (which I don't) and like still care about me, then you are just a fucking loser. Also, don't even think that adding 'I Love You' would change my heart. NEVER, only my bf can say that, NOT YOU

Gawd, does anyone ever teach you to 'mind your own business''? I don't fucking care about yours, you hurt me once and that's it, you have your fucking life and I have mine. When you removed me from Facebook last year, I was mad because I do not believe that our normal friendship would be ended just because your bitch said so. I have done enough with your bitch,  your bitch hates me. I get it. Your bitch thinks that I would actually rampas you balik. I GET IT. Your bitch will only be a bitch no matter what, maybe is because you cannot satisfy her.


Fuck you, both of you. You two had nearly screwed my friendship with a friend. Thank goodness my friend came to me and we made peace and he saw the real of both you. Came to KL, introduce me to his cousin and we are a happy couple right now for four years. 

So yea, he is his cousin and my boyfriend. Get it? Because of you I get to know Keit and he is really a nice guy. So thank you for letting me to know Keit and to be with Keit! 
But still, FUCK YOU.

Fuck you (fuck you)Fuck you very, very muchCause we hate what you doAnd we hate your whole crewSo please don't stay in touch- Lily Allen, Fuck You.


Trip to SPCA

Hey guys! Finally I have done my Moral Studies presentation, now I have time to blog! I literally have three to four pending blog posts with me right now and now I'm going to blog about my first pending post: My Moral Studies project.


So basically, our assignments are to work on something that is related to our topics - moral. Our team decided to visit to SPCA at Ampang, which is a big deal to me because I always wanted to go to SPCA just to help out the animals. Besides, I get to see cute dogs over there. Trust me, SPCA is full with cute dogs, not the one you are thinking right now.

Our cover page for this assignment
Want to know what we did at SPCA on that day? Take a look on our video, I have spent days and days to edit this 5 minutes video.... cuz I'm a noob in editing. (It's also the result of our project)

Do watch in HD!

Anyway, there's something I would like to share with you guys. SPCA is going to build a eco friendly shelter for the animals, as we interviewed the staff over there, there will be cage-free environment for the dogs. link. That is a good thing because caging the dogs in long hours will affect their mentality.

I hope you guys would enjoy this video, I really appreciate it!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Late night post

Or an early morning post.....?! I seldom blog about personal life lately. Hello, my once-a-personal-life-story-turned-into-beauty/fashion-blog, how are you? I'm pretty fine, thank you, still waiting for my third semester (two more weeks!) 

Yay! Four months of break is really sucking my soul pretty bad. I miss assignments my university mates, it's really nice to meet them back and hang out as usual =) 

Anyway, so many things happened lately. Thank goodness I have my phone with me, I could literally capture all the special moments of my life!

Had Tamayaki with brother at Publika!
New Shanghai!
Redeemed a red envelope clutch from Pavilion today!
So pretty right!!
I also went to Sunway Pyramid to redeem this awesome product from Sampar Paris.
Sampar Paris Glamour Shot
FOTD. Dolly makeup =}

Wau everywhere ^^

Hmm... Speaking of university, I really need to get some notebooks for my classes. Which do you prefer, A4 papers sheets or notebook? 

2nd picture PHAILED

The Face and The Bag

It's been ages for me to blog about fashion. Funny story, I literally have obsessed over the 'smiley bag' aka Celine Boston bag. For weeks I have spend hours to look for the bag, luckily I found Un-masqued few days back. They are selling this awesome smiley bag and without any hesitation, I bought this baby back home!

What I like about this bag is the uniqueness of the design. I mean, the smiley face itself is so kawaii! Imagine you are having a bad day, by look at the bag, you might be happy instantly...right? Okay, what am I talking about!
Pairing My Melody pull over with a blazer
Blazer is my must-have-item in the wardrobe, I love layering and it just complete the look without any effort. I initially invest this blazer for my university presentation, however, whenever I am not having any presentation/seminars to attend, I would still wear it for lunch and movie. It doesn't only provide warmth, it also polish the whole look!

By the way, I am currently participating Friendly Fashion Official Blogger Contest. Friendly Fashion is a place where people can swap, sell their clothes and accessories which are in good condition. Moreover, it also provides forum where members could discuss about fashion, trends and such. I want to be part of the team so much because I seriously love fashion. Well, the contest is in voting basis so I need your help to vote for me!

To do so, just go to this link (or click 'VOTE FOR ME' button the right side panel of the blog) and click the vote button under the thumbnail. The contest ends of 15th August so please vote for me! I would really appreciate it, seriously!


Review: Etude House I Need You, Honey! wash off mask

Hey guys, I recently purchased Etude House I Need You, Honey! wash off mask while the shop was having sales. I literally got attracted to its cute catering butter portion packaging, at first I thought they were selling REAL honey for consumption purpose. Since Etude House is originated from Korea, I shall blog this in Korean style. 


The main ingredients for this product are honey, ginseng, red ginseng, cactus and angelica extracts.
Honey: Honey is common in beauty market because it helps to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity by preventing anti-aging. The extract itself would also refresh and moisturise the skin, leaving a smoother skin.

Ginseng+Red Ginseng:
Well technically, ginseng is somehow a popular ingredient for health in the Oriental because of the benefits. With the ginseng extracts, it detoxifies the skin from daily exposure to sunlight and environment pollution. This would create a healthy and glowing skin.

I was surprised that Cactus is part of the beauty world. After researching the benefits of cactus, I found out that cactus actually prevents moisture loss. Moisture loss and water evaporate would cause the skin to age, that's why it is important to maintain the moisture in the skin.

Angelica: Angelica is known as Dong Guai in Chinese, it is also known as ‘Female Ginseng’ because its benefits to the female reproductive system. For skin care purpose, Angelica is used for boosting skin health and soothing effect, providing clearer skin, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Honey with Angelica extract! 

  1. Easy to use. By peeling off the packaging I can instantly apply it all over my face.
  2. Interesting extracts with honey.
  3. Inexpensive. Good for those who are in budget.

  1. It is really sticky and messy. Before use, best is to clip the hair away from the face to prevent messiness.
  2. Time consuming in washing off the product because its stickiness.
  3. All four packs come with different ingredients, I prefer everything comes in a pack.
My hair got stuck on the side of my face. 
My skin condition after using I Need You, Honey! wash off mask.
It leaves a smoother and moisture skin.
Will I repurchase it? Well, definitely! It is fun to use with the stickiness of the honey. Don't get me wrong, I use the Angelica pack and it does moisture my skin very well. Plus, it is inexpensive and available in most Etude House shops.


August Giveaway: iPhone 4S stickers

Hey loves, so how was your days in July? 

I am really excited right now because this will be my first ever giveaway! I don't know about 'cha but giveaway is pretty awesome! Why? 'Cuz I will be giving away these fabulously cute iPhone 4S cover stickers to you! 

Hello Kitty (Red) and Paul Frank (Blue) stickers
How it's look like on Paul Frank sticker
And Hello Kitty! I adore this so so much!
Don't you worry if you do not know how to apply it on your phone, the packaging comes with simple instructions so you could transform your pretty iPhone into awesomely cute phone!

Two lucky winners shall be receiving this sticker each (Paul Frank or Hello Kitty)

*Here's all you need to do to win these pretty iphone 4S stickers*

1. Like peacemusicbabe Facebook Page (link)

2. Leave me a comment below which sticker would you like (Paul Frank or Hello Kitty).
   Don't forget to leave your email address and Facebook name.

Good luck okay! 
I shall be picking up the winners randomly and he/she shall win!
Contest ends on 10 August 2012.

This could be yours!