Review: NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours in Snow White and Tea Rose

After so many considerations, I have decided to purchase NYX products online. It is difficult for us to find NYX products in Malaysia retail stores, I just hope that NYX would open a store in Kuala Lumpur. I mean COME ON, WE HAVE NYX LOVERS IN MALAYSIA TOO! 

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors
1. Snow White LSS 569

Bright red lipstick: Snow White LSS 569
As they said, 'Snow White's lips as red as the drop of blood'. No doubt the name of this lipstick has the reddest colour but with the hint of brownish colour. I personally love this lipstick so much because I never have a RED lipstick in my life. Well I was afraid to apply bloody red lipstick but I am ready for it now, it is in the trend now! I mean, every girl should have one red lipstick for sexy occasion. *woot* 

Say hello to my sexy lips!
See how red the lipstick colour is? It compliments with my skin tone. With simple strong cat eye look, red lipstick would help to dramatise the whole look. For me, I would love love LOVE to have this on in any formal and party occasion. Girls just wanna have fun with loud colours :D

2. Tea Rose LSS 628
Soft pink colour Tea Rose LSS 628

The name of Tea Rose often reminds me of elegant duchess having tea party in the afternoon. Thus, the colour of this lipstick has the hint of soft pretty pastel shade of pink and it is perfect for daily wear. A perfect match with simple eye look with soft purple or brown eye shadow and beautiful curled eye lashes. 

Soft pink colour
I absolutely adore this colour as well. Whenever I feel like going casual with friends for shopping or lunch, this is absolutely what I would look for my lips. It also match with evening because it has the soft sweet looking lips which could seduce the crush you have been eyeing on. Who knows? :D

1. Friendly packaging.
2. Creamy texture and smooth.

1. Slightly difficult to apply, best to use lip brush to apply.
2. Tea Rose: The colour does not stay long, need to reapply after some times.

Anyhow, I still love the lipsticks. If you were wondering, I purchased these babies from Slammin' Tips' n Toes. They are not only offer NYX products, they also offer many pretty branded nail polishes such as China Glaze and OPI.


Please vote for me! :3

Hey guys, I am participating a makeup contest organised by Sharish's Beauty Advices recently. I decided to tag along in her makeup giveaway contest by submitting my very own makeup or Face Of The Day (FOTD) to her. In order to win this, public has to decide who's the winner. That's why I need your help!

This is the look I have submitted to the organizer. Actually, this contest has been going on for days and it ends in 31th May. Which mean... The contest will be end in 3 days! o.O

I know this is crazy but I really do need your help! All you have to do is:

  1. like on Sharish's Beauty Advices Facebook page here.
  2. go to her Make Up Contest Tab or here and click 'Most Recent' (under the Rules and Regulations). You will find my caption 'Lust' with same thumbnail as the picture above. Click on that so that you can vote for me!
  3. Remember that you have to like her page in order to vote or else it will not work!

Please help me people. i really do appreciate it :) 

Markets @ Jaya One 6

Markets has organised a flea market/ bazaar at Jaya One today. As a fashion lover, I couldn't resist to miss out this awesome event. The place was so crowded, every fashion lovers were there to pick out their favourite pieces, it was like their heaven.

The huge crowd at centre
Markets has brought in more than 80 vendors raging from clothing and craft to food and housewares. Believe me, it is really huge and we got lost in the bazaar on my way to the parking bay. Anyhow, we managed to find my car in this crowded area.
#close enough. Anyway, I managed to take some photos despite the huge crowd. The sellers were nice enough for not stopping me. 

Tongue in Chic had their ticTV soft launch with DIY tote bag activity

Many shoppers were ogling the shoes at Kiss & Tell booth

Pretty booth decoration at the craft section
So many oriental inspired pieces, I don't know what to choose!

Things that really caught my eyes in the bazaar is that more and vendors are entering into organic D.I.Y. beauty products. It is a pretty cool stuff to do because it is environmental friendly and their products smell good!

Variety of soap bars at The Bubble Lab booth. 

Organic skin care products from Kindersoaps 

There are some vendors influenced by the culture, from vintage to popular subculture.

Vintage items. 
Old version of Enid Blyton's and Lady Bird.
I used to have those books!
Cute badges from I heart badges

It was a fun day at the bazaar with my mom, we were having somehow a 'Mother and Daugther bonding time' LOL. Another reason is because she was the one who paid for nearly everything. :D Because you guys are special to me, I am going to share some of things that I've bought from Markets.

Scarf-inspired top from House of Allure
It is a scarf-inspired top with pretty unique design, a summer piece indeed! I believe that it can be worn with bikinis or shorts, having ice cream by the beach under the hot sun. Or maybe with a black leather jacket that would increase the oomph factor. Definitely a versatile piece because it can be scarf as well.

Close up design

Were you guys at Markets too? Do share your day with me here! :)


My Favourite Animal Pal in Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

When Madagascar hits the theatre, 
it is all about shaking bum bum and sing MOVE IT
Frankly speaking, we all love to move it move it,
 cuz you love to... 


My favourite animal pal in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is got to be King Julien XIII! He is the most posh and fabulous character and also, the BOSS behind the every Madagascar party. King Julien is a hilarious dictator in his homeland and decided to join the gang to see the big world and PARTY ALL THE WAY!

Let's welcome King Julien XIII, shall we?
All hail to King Julien!

I like him (a lot) is because of his annoying royal attitude to the other animals with crazy demands. With him joining the gang: Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, the scene has become more epic and funnier than ever, especially with his crazy personalities :) I mean, he hates others to touch his feet because it is disrespectful to the ex-king (the throne has passed to his pet lizzard) :P

Look at him. SO CUTE and look, NEW HAT!! :D

This time in Madagascar 3, I believe that King Julien would drive the rest of the members crazier, which mean, MORE CRAZY FUNNY SCENES. To know more about the next adventure of these Big Apple civilized animals, check out the trailer here:

Believe me, I seriously cannot wait till the movie hits the theatre! This time they are at Europe circus, hoping to go back to New York. With weird tiger and the Afro Marty, the gang would be expected to have hilarious scenes!

Alright, back to King Julien.


Move it move it to Nuffnang Malaysia blog page to know more about this contest (click here)


Lipstick ring

(Source: undermyumbrellaaaa)
I really love vintage fashion because of its sophisticated designs, especially it emphasizes on the feminine side of a lady. I was looking some stuffs at my mom's wardrobe and found some cute accessories. To my surprise, these cute accessories has been around for 40 years. My mom thought that these old accessories are old but she did not want to throw it away, so she decided to keep it.

is one of the accessories I would like to share with you guys. It is actually a lipstick holder! Impressive huh! At first I thought it was a ring until my mom said I must be too modern enough and had never seen such a thing. Yaaaaa right... she is right :p But I told her that it can become a ring as well, like an armour ring like that, with a vintage kind of feel. As you can see from the picture above, it comes with a mini mirror as well, good for applying lipstick or check your appearance. ;)

Another thing I found from hers is that a bow tie where my dad wore on his wedding day!! I know this is crazy because it is absolutely a precious moment piece, well at least for me. Seriously, my mom keeps her stuff very well. This bow tie do remind me of this

The black, the white and the bow tie! It is kinda has Betty Boop vibe, doesn't it? 


Mary Jane Heels

Hello sexeh! Seriously, this is one pair of killer heels. If you have been following my Facebook Page, you would know that I have been obsessed with high heels lately (recent post: Catching up). I could not afford to get the shoes from Forever 21 (RM189!) but I found this pair of heels from This & That with a fraction of price! Not only the price is reasonable, it is really comfortable to wear too!

At first I saw these shoes at Sri Petaling but it was out of my size. I was so paranoid at first until I realized that they have another new branch at Setia Walk, Puchong. Soo... what did I do was taking out my smartphone and called my bf, telling him that I NEED TO GO TO SETIA WALK ASAP. He was annoyed and reluctant to go with me just to get this pair of shoes BUT I treated him dinner so... he has nothing to say. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding, he does think that the shoes match my feet. 

ANYWAY, I bought this pair of heels and seriously love it.
and I love my boyfriend too, THERE I SAID IT.


I forgive you

I was there, thinking where I should be in the future.... that was six years back. There's nothing much to say about my puppy love, we were young and it was the trendiest thing to do - dating a guy from a popular click in our school. I gotta admit, he is quite a jerk but I believe that he is just like another nice guy, just in a wrong group of people. 

That's my perception.

I understand how he loved me back then but it wasn't the right time for us, we broke apart and went on. Tie had broken off, we never spoke ever since. Time flies and it is already 2012. Still we are connected on Facebook, we never interact with the advance technology, social network given. I could only know how's his life been through picture tagging, status updates and such but still, we do not talk. I thought of unfriend him with a click but I wasn't sure whether is the right thing to do or not. I couldn't get over it, I forgive you for what you had done to me. How you used to be possessive, protective towards me. You are a Cancer, same as me. We need shells, we need secure.

It is not that I still love you, I thank you for spending time with me. Being with an average girl in a school, I believe that tonnes of girls would hated me because of this. And I am sorry for not sending you back to your car on my last day in my school, I was afraid, I was too selfish.

We were just couple of kids, trying to figure out how to live.

I sincerely wish you to have great journey ahead :') thank you.

Catching up

Catching up with friends and watched Dark Shadows today. Weather is rather hot this afternoon but it doesn't stop me, I love taking pictures.

How to: Makeup Fix Spray

I love makeup. Unfortunately, my makeup does not stay as long as it should! It starts to smudge after two hours or three, especially when I'm running around like mad under the hot sun (university, shhh!) In order to prevent from smudging and become like a panda, it is best to buy makeup fix spray from those brands which would cost me a fortune. For a bottle of makeup fix spray, it costs roughly above MYR100! 

that is mad, okay.

HOWEVER, I found out a method to make myself a makeup fix spray with simple ingredients and steps!  (Thanks to GOOGLE!) Seriously, those ingredients are available in most local pharmacies and make-up supply stores. I was so happy about it and eager to share with you guys on how I made my very own makeup fix spray!

First thing first, we gather the stuff before making it. All you need is:
  1. Water. Any water will do
  2. Toner/ Essential Oil
  3. Glycerin. I bought baby mouth wash because it contains 100% pure glycerin, which mean....acceptable lah.
  4. An empty spray bottle


Divde the bottle into FOUR parts!
Add one part of glycerin to the empty spray bottle
Then, add 3 parts of water
And last, just add 1 or 2 drops of toner into the bottle!

At last! The making of makeup fix spray is COMPLETE! Whenever you want to use it, SHAKE IT BEFORE YOU SPRAY! To see whether it works or not, I decided to spray it before heading out. When I returned back to my home, I found out that my makeup still stayed after four hours! 


Probably the best DIY project I have done for a time being. I purposely did a heavy makeup (heavy eye makeup, contours and highlights) to see the results of applying this awesome makeup fix spray and it works very well :) 

Hopefully this post could help those who need makeup fix spray like me without burning our purses.

Tell me if it works on you or not! 


Shu Uemura eco bag design activity

How awesome it can be to have your own design eco-friendly bag, shu uemura organised an activity this morning which participants can design their own bag with painting tools provided. My friends were asking me to join this activity and I thought, why not? I have nothing to do in this semester break.

But one thing, the traffic today was horrendous! I stuck at Jalan Puchong all the way to Syed Putra for 45 minutes, that is unforgiven 'cuz usually it takes me 15 minutes to reach Mid Valley! Damn it. When I reached the outlet, my friends had started designing their tote bags.

Friends at the outlet
I looked at my own blank tote bag and did not know what to draw because it was TOO EARLY for me to think, I have lack creativity issue that's why. I am not into flowers, butterflies designs because it is too ordinary, I was thinking of creating something unique and meaningful to me. Looking around the environment of the mall, I realised that eco-friendly products are crucial to our environment now due to the global warming and other environmental issues. For me, saving the Mother Earth is important as makan and minum, so I started to draw tree or should I say cabbage (because it DOES look like cabbage). 

My Cabbage
Seriously, it looks like cabbage to me rather than greens :p I tried to use oil painting tricks I learnt few years bag to design my tote bag because it dries quickly. I designed this bag for almost 30 minutes! Pro dao... haha 

My bag
What do you think? Pro or not? :P

Participants are not only can get their designed bag, they also go back with this awesome gift set from shu uemura. The purse is so pretteh! =P I love it!

shu uemura skin purifier
The product I got from them is a cleansing oil, Skin Purifier. This makeup remover product is designed for those artists who always apply heavy makeup on stage back in 1950's. It consists of botanical oil rich, jojoba, avocado and others high quality ingredients which could remove the makeup effectively while maintaining the moisture of the skin. (Source: shu uemura

I think that I will only use this cleansing oil when I have heavy makeup because it is too precious to me! If this product really good, I might think of switching my makeup remover to this. MIGHT... money is not my friend. (REVIEW SOON)


Productive indeed

I know how does it feels like to be extremely boring during semester break, I am not going anywhere for vacation except for becoming a driver to fetch my mom back from work. Wait, I might be going somewhere but... still it is yet so far from now. 

To avoid boredom, I have led myself to the obsession of a Facebook game. I know, it is embarrassing. More embarrassing is that I am obsessed of playing The Sims Social. The game is so interactive and always making me to be 'thick face' enough to ask for helps to my friends. 

Damn inspired in The Sims but in real life...... meh.

I decided to try out some makeup look, grey and purple I guess. Dah lupa when did I do this eye look but it is a tedious job to get the eyes done with bunch of gradient eye shadows. Not only that, I also helped my mom to do some makeover for her friend's wedding dinner. I do not know why but my mom always WANT me to help her in makeup, unfortunately
I suck at it.

Do you like it?

Craving for desserts and pastries these days, it could be the symptoms of having a very hectic and stress semester, our semester period was compressed into few weeks shorter due to up coming Olympics 2012 in London. Our university, UEL (University of Easy Learning HAHAHA) has decided to shorten our schedule to prepare for the event.

Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my mouth and
I gotta eat you...
Boy you came into my life
I crave you so bad
I crave you so bad
I crave you so so bad...
(Call me maybe lyrics HAHA)

I also decided to create a simple light box to do my photo shots, mainly for my blog like beauty reviews or some cute stuff to share.  I really thought of creating this light box for a long time but I have no where to get a piece of white cloth until now! It is a great use in enhancing product shots with less noise and much more focus to the product itself. These are some of my test shots:

Maybe, just maybe my holiday is quite productive after all. Food, games and my passion of doing something I love, which is makeup and photography. It could be a best time to improve my skills. =) I really think that I should use my time wisely for these since I cannot get an internship or part time job because of my LAN subjects classes, it is pretty sad 'cause the classes fall in the weekdays. 

Lousy timetable.

I also current active on Pinterest and weheartit for inspiration in fashion, beauty, design and food. I love photography, fashion and beauty, which makes me so happy that I could see new inspirations every day. If you have Pinterest or wehearit accounts or both, why not add/follow me? I would definitely love it :)

Pinterest: peacemusicbabe
WeHeartIt: peacemusicbabe


Finals: meme

I have lost my blogging mojo completely. Whenever I am staring at the blank draft page of my blog, I have no idea what to write. Ever since I have survived from that terrible semester finals with my mates, almost every time I would rather spend my time on camera rather than my blog. 

It is true, I love my camera.

Every time I thought of my Fundamentals of Finance test, I would be very mad indeed. Here's the thing, lecturer gave us the wrong hints. I fairly understand that we should not rely on the tips giver for our exams but this is exceptional. You see, our paper consists of two sections, A and B. As usual, we have to complete the question in Section A while choosing a question to complete in Section B. Our lecturer told us that in Section B, there will be questions on theories and calculation, therefore it has to be 50:50, right? However during the test, we were shocked over the questions on the paper. In Section B, both questions are purely related to theories and none of us ever heard of it. Yes, it is true! It is really unfair to us, I mean if the lecturer did not want to give us tips, then don't give! But why the lecturer would give the wrong general tips!?

My coursemates were unhappy as I was because we spent literally whole day and night to study for this finals! I started to study on the day before the test but majority did studied the week before! It is really a bad experience of all of us, and guess what, this paper is so-called killer paper in our degree programme. Now that is really sad. My friend was so unhappy, he decided to make a meme out of it the night after the test. Rage much.

Come to think of it, the meme is quite TRUE and FUNNY at the same time. Oh boi, my friend is one brave guy because the meme is super obvious and risky. I mean, what if it went into the wrong hands. o_o and I am posting THIS on my blog. But umm (Robin Scherbatsky joke)...

lol. HIEK x 3

Well, come to think of it. Next time when people start giving you hope, do not RELY on it. OH MY GOD, NO NO NO NO NO NO... "Dah nampak hantu, memang takut bilik gelap kan?" (literally translated from Cantonese)

Anyway, after that terrible event. We went to Aquaria KLCC to see fishies to pujuk diri sendiri, lol. Bad experience over there mate, we still cannot forgive the event, sigh.