I will be back

Finally I have done two assignments up to date. Still I am abit slacking off now because of my awesomeness in finishing my Finance assignment within 24 hours. I am like sungguh perasan and syok sendiri right now.

Unfortunately, I still have ONE assignment in my hand which I have not done anything yet. Best part is, I have to submit this assignment next Monday. How awesome is that? I have to squeeze my brain for 48 hours and pray that Turnitin would work by that time. 

Anyway, met up my old bud at Sunway Pyramid today :) She is awesome!

Here's the thing I would do after my semester:
1. Eat Play Sleep. Golden rule.
2. Will blog about beauty review and tutorials etc etc.
3. Travel post should not be a problem.
4. Share my photography passion with my readers!! :D