Simple cat eye look

Finally I have the time to do another dramatic cat eyes look tutorial =)

*Damn happie okieeee*

Mysterious dramatic look
To achieve this dramatic look, all you need to have are a eyeliner PENCIL and a brown shimmering/matte eyeshadow colours.

1. Apply light brown colour all over your lid =) Matte colour that suits to your skin colour is also can be applied on your eye lid.

2. Apply a dark brown colour on your crease to create deep set of your eye crease, it will show your eyes in 3D effect lol.

3. Next, use a black eyeliner pencil to line a cat eye. Line up from the outer corner of your eye to the centre of your eyelid and STOP! =O

4. *The trick is here* Use a cotton swab and smudge the liner all over the eyelid, this will create a smooth line.

5. Use the eyeliner pencil again and line up your waterline to define your eye!

and.... You are done!! with your eye look. 
After that, you can apply your foundation, loose powder, your favourite lip colour and a hint of blusher!

Serious look lol
It is simple as that! What I like about this dramatic cat eye look is that it is SUPER easy (you can achieve it within 10 minutes!) and it is super casual for class or lunch with my girls or even, movie dates!

I hope you like this simple tutorial and if you have something to say, why not leave a comment below! =) Thanks!


When a nerd complains

Lack of blogging mojo lately, I really need to have blogging pills now. Do they have it in store? I think I shall create it and sell it to all the procrastinating bloggers out there. LOL. #random

Semester 2 is like a MESS! My timetable sucks so bad I have classes on Saturday. Who goes for classes in weekends!? especially from 8am till 1.30pm straight. Goodness gracious. Imagine that I have morning classes rather than afternoon classes this time...
I am so dead. shiitt.

The lecturer is not impressed with our works last semester and he needs us to do it better enough this time. That is why I almost spend my whole entire week to search for journals and articles for my soon-to-release assignments. 

Homework + Twitter. :D

By the way, I went to The Curve with my uni-mate for lunch. #meatballs! I also decided to get a new pair of glasses because my current one is old and filthy already, #sadmax. The one I bought this time is super cute, it is a geek glasses aka BIG GLASSES like a nerd. :3

Geek glasses

something like that and no, I am not getting a Ray Ban. It is way tooo expensive! I saw Miss Sixty glasses which is currently having 50% sales, I wanted to get that until I saw that one pair of super kawaii glasses at A-Look, it is only for RM138 (frame)!! 
....until I got my eyes check and the Hoya lens are FUCKING expensive.

I wish I could be as sexy as her when I wear that specs lol.
Damn it. but it is okay, it is good for my eyes. (still cannot believe with the price).
hopefully it can really help me with my grades, the #nerdpower.

I kinda stupid enough to request for layering my hair yesterday, I spent one year to grow my long and silky hair then wahla! CHOPPED.


Super duper emo now.

Damn it. I will not return to that old saloon again. They do not understand me at all. T___________T


Valentine's Day: Of simple and special

I am grateful enough to have a nice boyfriend for three years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Our Valentine's celebration is pretty much average, no wine and lavish food, just an average dinner at our local Italian restaurant and spent whole afternoon in Pavilion. It is just like a normal outing where I can get into book store (usual) to hunt some books and bodek him to get me loose powder as Valentine's Day present. Chilling in a Japanese coffee shop, En Ginza with cute doraemon latte and a bowl of Udon. 

Doraemon latte art


Boyfriend was trying to understand my course more lol

Just like what we do in normal weekends :)

To tell the truth, I am not kind of girl who fancy over Valentine's Day. I do not really want to have expensive dinner on that day itself as both of us are still students, our allowances are kinda constrained. Unlike some other girls who really cannot deal the fact that their boyfriends couldn't pay their super expensive meals at high end restaurants (I am not joking, some girls ARE like that, God knows why). 

Little Italy Restaurant, Puchong
That's me

Well, wine and ribs on Valentine's Day are not a big deal at all, we can have ribs like any other days. Usually, restaurants which come out with Vday dinner sets are really suck big time because they do not prepare the food decently. I have tried once (wayyyyyy before when I was single with family lol) and yes, it was suck. I tweeted about the flower my boyfriend bought for me on our Valentine's Day and how fast the flower will die, Aki Borneo immediately replied me: no, not the flower to see, the people who give em.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. That's one will sure tahan lama.. :p . Which is funny and true! I somehow truly agreed with him!

As we look in different angles, Valentine's Day is just a day to remember our special people, regardless of couple or family and friends. My dad was so nice he purposely bought a Valentine's cake for all of us (surprise!) from Levain on that day itself. 

It was so nice of dad to get a Vday cake for us all!

On that day itself, the Tuesday of Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has classes to attend and I read my favourite story book at home. We only went out for late supper just for the sake of Vday and we were supposed to go to Starbucks but ended up at Wong Kok Restaurant because it is cheaper and fuller lol.

Around 10pm, we had heavy supper aiyoyo ><

It doesn't matter what we did, went on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to remind us how special we are to someone (friends or family). :3

PS: tomorrow will be my turn to get him a Vday+Birthday+Xmas pressie!
Kiamsiap girlfriend XD

First vlog

Happy Valentine's peeps!

Most of you would be going out to have a fantabulous day with your partner today in lavish restaurant, celebrating the day of love. :3 However, I have already celebrated pre-Valentine's Day with my boyfie at our local community Italian restaurant few days ago.

I was pretty bored today, my sem just started so there is nothing much to do. What I did was talking to the camera and made a vlog. MY very FIRST VLOG! Teehee. the only moment where I literally talked about random stuff and blinked, nodded and blurred. lol.

My vid has HD quality too! So don't watch in crappy 360p. :)

Pretty funny huh, my English is so horrible I was laughing mad while watching the video. Anyway, it just for the sake of fun :D! Hopefully you guys understand my horrible English with fully Malaysian accent in it lol.


Ainaa's birthday

Presenting Ainaa, the birthday girl who had her wish came true having a meal at Dreamz Bakery, The Strand Kota Damansara. It was my first time driving alone to Kota Damansara from my far far away land, thank goodness I was able to find this cute little concept cafe!

The girl with the big smile on her face!
The place has this kind of a new concept interior design which emphasize on the cosiness of the shop, with cute drawings. I bet most of the girls love this place so much! Dreamz Bakery actually do have custom made cakes for all cake lovers out there for their birthdays, weddings, anything you can name it they will do it.

The concept

The interior

Let's check out the cakes here,

Layer cake
How cute is that plate! I wonder where they get these plates cuz I wanna get it as well! Ainaa ordered her favourite cake in this shop, she told us that it tastes yummy :3

I ordered tiramisu. The texture is creamy (very good) but the taste is somehow...disappointed me. It is just a regular tiramisu in most shops and somehow pH tiramisu is much tastier than this. I am suck in describing food but this just does not fancy me at all. 3: For rating, myabe 3 out of 5.

Hello Kitty Almond cookies
But one thing DID fancy me was Hello Kitty almond cookies, the biscuit has a strong almond taste and crunchy too :) I bought one packet of the cookies ended up Scotty ate it all. Sighh... My dog is not a dog, he is the prince of the house. 

Cute stamps!
The fun part of this cafe is that you can write some cute messages for your friends or hang it up on their walls. GIRLS LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY, I am one of them and I am wondering why... 

Ainaa and her card

My random made card, the massage goes:
To everyone here, Hello & Bye Bye!

Group shot with my friends :3
We really had a great time chatting about things, from education to horror stories and Yuri/Yaoi. Thank goodness none of us are Yuri/Yaoi fans, lol. The best thing about this is that I get to meet them tomorrow with another new episode of fun fun fun and.....assignments. ><


A shade of blue

After attempting on trying out Kelly Clarkson's Stronger music video look few days ago, I got hooked up on shimmering eye shadow cream because of its creamy texture :3

Inspired by the sky and peacock, I used both blue eye shadow and green shimmering cream eye colour on my eyes. I picked dark blue for my outer corner of my eyes and made a 'V' shape and carefully to maintain my inner crease as clean as possible. After that, I used the green shimmering eye shadow on my inner crease, dab onto my crease softly then soften whole look with blending brush. With a bit of lavender eye colour, it can soften out the the 'V' shape. To define my eyes, initially I used darkest blue colour to line up my eye then with a black gel liner, creating a soft cat eye look. Using the same colour, applied it on lower lash line to make the whole look balance. =3 

With mascara, your look is completed!

Close up

Ooh! My round face:3

I personally adore this look because it is kinda sweet and edgy at the same time, it suits my face technically because I look good in cold colour. :3 

What do you think? Tell me lah~ 


Could not believe that today is the last day of Chinese New Year! =3 It is time to settle down with serious mood for my coming 2nd semester just to make sure that I can manage my results very well =) My UEL results were released last week, thanks to my friend who posted up about the information on Facebook, most of my friends were anxiously waiting to know the results. 

I mean, who does not?

Anyway, I am piratically happy over my results. After the UoL results (last year), I had problems dealing with lectures and studies. Finally I transferred to UEL, where a programme with heavy assignments, my life has completely changed. I am more flexible in my time management and less stress. =) I took Academic Skills for Business, Governing Business Activities and Accounting and It's Regulatory Frames last semester. I gained distinctions for the two subjects except for Governing Business Activities as it is not been released yet. Fair enough, the results are way better than UoL results (no distinction but border line passes T_T, not good).

Hardworking does pay off =3

With all the expectations from parents and myself, I believe that I can achieve a good honour for my degree =3 Who knows? I just want to get ass out of the university and start contributing to the society a.k.a. working. 

Those are my checklist, :3 


Dress: Cotton On
Celebrated my friend's birthday at Dreamz Bakery, The Strand Kota Damansara.


A blog of mine.

There are so many things to blog but why I could not blog a thing lately? I remember when I just started my blog, it was a space as my diary without wasting papers, thinking that nobody would ever discover my blog. 

That was five years ago. 

Years after years, my blog has developed some traffics and Nuffnang was then formed. Seeing that many bloggers, mostly friends started to register with Nuffnang to earn some pocket money or just to be seen. I was able to blog about my life, my crush, soon my love life, ending every post with 'love you' and some kisses. Those was the time I was able to express myself fully, to the max! without worrying over the blog traffic. Until innit showed up, I hooked up on the traffic and started to blog whatever the readers preferred. 

What is the true identity of my blog? 

Those who blog about parties, events tend to have more views. I started to think that maybe readers prefer the happenings, events, stuff like that so I started to have tonnes of crappy food review posts cuz I am suck at it. 'Nuff said.

I am not my mom. Duh.

Then, Michelle Phan was on Youtube, sharing some makeup tutorial videos and sending inspirational messages to all ladies out there. Frankly speaking, I was and always a girl with seriously low self- esteem issue, even though I might look confident outside. Thankfully, my boyfriend has always been by my side to support me no matter what (he doesn't know about my self-esteem issue). With Michelle Phan's inspirational thoughts, I tried on dramatic makeup look, it takes GUTS to start out a fresh look. and also started my Fashion and Beauty posts. I do not have the money for travelling, exotic foods and larvish bars/pubs/clubs. With my cheap camera, I believed that I can share some tips with the girls out there and boosted up my confidence.

Not long ago, a girl showed up in my life. She has everything, from head to toe and she has excellent taste in fashion. I was shocked and really, I was jealous and there goes my confidence! Months and months I kept telling myself I look fine, I am pretty, I have an awesome life, awesome boyfriend but turned out to be helpless at all! 

I am just a average university student who struggling with assignments and clubs meetings. I do not think that it is fair for me. All I was thinking: Nicole, you have to complete your Degree in two years. You must go out and start a new fresh life, like it or not. You see, I am not young anymore. I have flunked my UoL so badly I had to start my UEL Programme all over again from Year 1! I am not 19 years old, I am 22 now!! 

Yes, I am slow.

Anyway, that girl really press my confidence from up here to down there. ZERO. I cried and cried, kept on telling myself to face the fact and take up the challenge, prove everyone that I can manage my life, more importantly my self-esteem issue!!!

All I need is time but time is gold.

But it is alright Nicole, as they said 'No pain no gain'. I can be a lil' bit of drama queen here but it is okay, ranting is the way to reveal the problems, from problems we can search for solutions!!  

My lack of posting is because of my no-direction life. I do not know how my blog will end up... The process of growing up, to be mature is really..........tough.

It should be fine cuz I found my blog identity back! The space where I really express myself freely, sad, happy, whatever it is! No more crappy crappy posts, I shall reserve my blog as a space I share my thoughts and ideas. =')

Between the light and darkness.

PS: Hello there readers, thank you for taking your time to read my post.