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04 December 2011
Hi guys, how is your weekends going? I have finally done with all of my heavy loaded assignments that has to be submitted within month, crazy right? I don't know man, I just transferred from a crazy 100% based exam degree to heavy loaded like shit with minimum examination degree, it is like 180 degree wtf.

Anyway, Alicia and I were expecting to attend a local bazaar, The KL Bazaar at our local community area IOI Boulevard Puchong, the place that I always hang out with friends for food and drinks, I mean nice coffee from Pacific Coffee Company and not those kind of DRINKS. You know I mean?

This is my very first fashion bazaar in my life. SERIOUS! I never get the chance to be any bazaar because of the locations (too far or I duno how to go) and nobody is willing to take me there (I wasn't a good driver back then fml) and even worse, no teman.


No, not this guy.

The Palette, IOI Boulevard
The fashion stalls.
They were so many cute clothes and accessories over there with quite affordable price. Too bad I didn't manage to get anything because of my constraint budget but heck, this bazaar will be held in every Saturday in this month period! So what the heck, the place is near my house anyway. LOL. My friend the other hand, God knows why she has so many of cash to buy so many of clothes even though she has more than enough of clothes, I think she needs to get three more wardrobes to fit all of her clothes. Just saying... Maybe it is true, you will never know o.0

A shop which specialized in Hello Kitty merchandise
That shopaholic.
Blazer: Chic-chick
Top: Nichii stripe top
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Carlo Rino

I look pretty dark in this, blame the lighting I'm fair yo!

4 comments on "KL Bazaar"
  1. looks like a nice bazaar to go to! :)

  2. Wow, more and more bazaars popping up around here! :D Love your outfit, especially the blue blazer!

  3. I love bazaars! Never been to this place but the bazaar looked nt bad to go.

  4. I've never been to a bazaar yet FML and omg so many hello kitty stuff <3 


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