Leopard prints

Leopard and boots

I am obsessed with leopard print lately. Apparently leopard print is the new black in this season (wait, before this let me add a few words, it has been the thing like forever but somehow it is THE thing in this season) and it has remained as the sexiest-must-have in every woman's wardrobe! I was never a leopard print lover because I used to think that it is cheap, old and hoe-like print. You know, like what your mom would wear. oops, I mean old woman.

Until I saw a cute leopard print camisole at Cotton On, I instantly fell in love with leopard print WITHOUT knowing that it is the BLACK in this season. It is so edgy and sexy in the same time, with the right accessories and match, leopard print can somehow spice up your outfit.

Spotted at Forever 21
See how cute the bras are, I am planning to get one of these in year end!

If you are not a fashion risk taker and you want to start a new trend, go with simple things like scarf or headband, it will jazz up your outfit with a blink.
Casual 1
This is my suggestion. The celebrity who inspired me is Kim Kardashian, where she pulled out the basics with a leopard print scarf. Adding some bold colours will immediately lighten up the whole look, here I added a pair of pink sneakers. I always on-the-go so I pair up with sneakers and I love pink (click here for my pink obsession post) ! =D 

However, if you LOVE taking risk because you have awesome confidence in you. Do try this look instead!

Rihanna is busy with her touring in Dublin.

I have nothing to say much about this outfit. Just look at it, picture do paint a thousand words right? Never thought that both prints can work out so well without looking so noisy and messy. Like Rihanna, this is one wild and sexy outfit for night out with your BFFs =]

You're saying?
Ladies, what do you find about leopard print? How do you add your personalities with leopard print?
Gentlemen, how about you? Do you like seeing ladies in leopard prints? Would you let your girl to wear?
Leave a comment and let me know!