If only I could get through him.

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09 October 2011
5 comments on "If only I could get through him."
  1. As they say (some post on facebook) if a guy stop playing Dota (or any online game for that matter), you should marry him. lol. I had been the receiving end of such treatment before, I understand how you feel and think that your brother is right :) But anyhow, cheers! Some guys just need to learn from experience :)

  2. What your brother said it's true, the boyfriend should be worried about gf's safety then going happy over a dota gathering. Or maybe he should just send you back before the gathering.. hmm guys are like that sometimes. Chill kay babe? Everything will be fine. 

  3. *facepalm*

    i have nothing to say about that man you call your boyfie.

  4. Wow so dangerous leaving you girls alone at pub..... If your boyfriend cares about your safety.... he should have send you back home before d gathering.... What a guy ==""" And he still dare to show you attitude for telling it to your brother..... You should try ignoring him and see....  


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