My very first maxi dress

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11 August 2011

The title says it all! I love this piece of maxi dress, it gives a beach vibe and hobo-licious. It's very hard to find a perfect maxi dress for myself because the patterns and textures are difficult to match my skin tone and body type, either too loose or too tight. *big sigh* 

While I was at Sunway Pyramid yesterday, I saw this beautiful dress on mannequin in a boutique shop. I was like 'OMG I NEED TO HAVE IT', tried it on and I was super satisfied by the texture and pattern. Problem was, I was not sure whether to get it or not even though it is quite cheap. 

Been thinking through out the day and guess what! I finally bought it with mother's approval! Gosh I cannot wait to wear this fabulous dress but one thing for sure, I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO WEAR. 


So ladies, what is your suggestion? Where can I wear this piece to? Leave you comment down below alright? Thanks a lot! TEEHEE


15 comments on "My very first maxi dress"
  1. i think you can wear it whenever you go to shopping malls. For shopping, or perhaps a date, or just to get together with friends. It will give u a chance to hear compliments from the people around you :)

  2. Oops, sorry, but I can't help you there. I've never worn a maxi dress and don't plan on wearing one anytime soon, lol. (I am short enough as it is... T_T)
    It's very pretty though. Maybe you can wear it out when shopping or something? My cousin does, says it's very comfy, haha.

  3. T_T Maybe I should do a survey or research before getting this dress but it's TOOO PREEETEEHHHHHH

    impulse buy *facepalm*

  4. Hello Nana Eddy! Thanks for your suggestion, will try to wear it for hang outs and dates :D 

  5. Maxis are back into fashion this session and will be great for cocktail, wedding and evening function.

  6. definitely a great come back! :) and thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Beautiful dress...

  8. Wear it to the beach! It's really pretty, how much is it? 

  9. Hello and thanks! I got it from Treats, they are having promo on maxi dresses,50% off :) so i got it for rm49.95 :D

  10. OMG i so want a maxi dress T_T actually you could wear it anywhere, as long as the theme or dress code is casual beachy-ish. XD LOVIN' IT, BABE!!!

  11. Thanks Kellie Low! unfortunately, is there any other place beside beach? T_T It's hard to go to beach sometimes. Anyway, go get one now!

  12. i would if i could. anyways, it doesn't necessarily have to be the beach - you could wear basically anywhere, I think, given that you match it with the right accessories =)


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