Damn vampires, you're scary!

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06 August 2011
Vampires that sparkle in day time are scary


Took this at a book store in One Utama.

8 comments on "Damn vampires, you're scary!"
  1. I love vampires!!!Edward Cullen in Twilight ❤

  2. same here but it's funny that they categorized as 'horror' =D 

  3. Owhh I like RP as Edward Cullen LOL. That' because I read Twilight after RP played as EC so my imagination couldn't work so well.  I like the First and the third book (mostly third cuz the story is quite intense) . 4th is meh and the 2nd is WHAT THE HECK. =D

  4. I soooooo want to read those books. Haven't gotten my hands on it yet. huhu~~

  5. OH THE HORROR!! LOL (Okay, I was a Twilight fan before RP came along. And I only liked the first book. Everything went downhill from the 2nd book.)


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