Is this enough?

One thing I hate about myself is that I will be less confidence on my body figure when I see some beautiful girls' photos on Facebook, especially those who successfully transformed into pretty and sexy. Look at me, I'm just plain.

I have been whining to my boyfriend every time I face this kind of low self-esteem issue. He would repeat the same sentence, 'you are pretty enough for me', he clearly does not understand the situation I have.

I'm a plain Jane. Look, those pretty ladies are either smart and beautiful or really have good social life! Look at me, I always stuck in my house all the time and I rarely go to clubs or pubs. 1)Parents will be extremely worry about my safety. 2)I'm fucking poor. Looking at their photos make me sad, I'm not saying that I want to party 24/7 or party zombie, I want to have a great life!

My look is rather different than the rest, I rely on jeans because sexy dress does not suit me at all. I'm just not pretty enough I guess. Sigh... I want to improve my look because I want to 'fit in' into the society, especially KL!

I might be a 'city girl' but I don act like one of them.

Sigh... I've been improving myself in four years!! I'm turning 21 next month and I want to look fabulous.


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