i-city, Shah Alam

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14 June 2011
I am Grinch. muahahahahaahaha

peekaboo, I see you.

Taken this with my parents! :D lovessss... I actually look good in this photo *perasan*

Me with Patrick, who resembles my boyfie with big tummy

Till we meet again, trees of light!

PS: If you planned of going to i-city, make sure that you have taken any meal before heading there. Food choices are limited there. D:

3 comments on "i-city, Shah Alam"
  1. cant believe that until today, i have yet to visit the i-city :/
    always see photos on blogs only hehe..

  2. Why got Patrick one? When I went there last year he was not there, not fair :(

  3. Taha, it's in Snowwalk. :D It's actually a 'snap and win' contest by Nickelodeon. 


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