Blow the candles dad II

We celebrated daddy's birthday at our favourite place, D' Empire Brasserie at Solaris Mont Kiara. The place has not change a bit as we did not went to this restaurant for two years (the last was celebrating Mother's Day in 2009) lol.

D'Empire Brasserie, 
22, Ground Floor, Solaris Mont Kiara, 
Jalan Solaris 4, Off Jalan Duta Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-62036887. 
Business hours: Everyday from 11am to 11pm. 

The ambiance of the restaurant, credit: best food junction

Daddy ordered his must have appetizer, Escargots

Escargots 1/2 Dz

Close up

Hawaiian Pizza

Close up

For the main dishes,

Daddy's Rack of Lamb

Mommy's Marinara Aglio

My brother's Grilled Tenderloin

My Brad Pit! :D

D' Empire Brasserie serves authentic European, French and Italian cuisine. It is also a great place to have function, parties or some gatherings because the ambiance is cozy ;) Maybe I should have a birthday dinner at  here.... or Italiannies? Decisions decisions...

Anyway, my brother wanted to have ice cream at Swensen's @ Solaris Mont Kiara (opposite Coldstorage).

The environment

Chocolate Fondue!!

Comments: I am not a Swensen's fan at all. The service is rather slow, it took roughly 20-30 minutes to prepare chocolate fondue but the place is not full of customers! Strawberry ice cream tastes funny to me lol. I personally prefer to pay more at Haagen Dazs because their ice creams are superb. 


Blow the candles dad I

It's my daddy's birthday today! :)

Wishing him to have a great life, enjoying his 50- life! :DD

We will be celebrate his birthday this evening (IT'S MIDNIGHT HERE!)
I better charge my camera battery. this evening will be a camwhore day for my dad
;p I hope he doesn't mind.


..Ray a Drop of Golden Sun

love Sound of Music :)




macarons! Will have these babies at Levain with boyfie soon :)

yippie #3

This is how we communicated few years ago.

Is this enough?

One thing I hate about myself is that I will be less confidence on my body figure when I see some beautiful girls' photos on Facebook, especially those who successfully transformed into pretty and sexy. Look at me, I'm just plain.

I have been whining to my boyfriend every time I face this kind of low self-esteem issue. He would repeat the same sentence, 'you are pretty enough for me', he clearly does not understand the situation I have.

I'm a plain Jane. Look, those pretty ladies are either smart and beautiful or really have good social life! Look at me, I always stuck in my house all the time and I rarely go to clubs or pubs. 1)Parents will be extremely worry about my safety. 2)I'm fucking poor. Looking at their photos make me sad, I'm not saying that I want to party 24/7 or party zombie, I want to have a great life!

My look is rather different than the rest, I rely on jeans because sexy dress does not suit me at all. I'm just not pretty enough I guess. Sigh... I want to improve my look because I want to 'fit in' into the society, especially KL!

I might be a 'city girl' but I don act like one of them.

Sigh... I've been improving myself in four years!! I'm turning 21 next month and I want to look fabulous.


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Purple Honey ♥

This could be the greatest, most romantic marriage proposal ever! Just like what the title said. :)
It's simple and truly meaningful ♥

I want to have a marriage proposal like this. teehee.


Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Holah! Finally done editing the photos for this review, all photos are re-sized and none of the colour are corrected. It took me an hour to take as much photos as I can to blog, an excuse from a camwhore. hohoho...

I would like to do a review by comparing my eyes with and without the primer. I applied the primer on my right eye only, the photo below will give you a much clearer picture.

Notice that there is no difference at all? It's invisible! :D

After I apply eye shadows on my eyes, this is the outcome.


LEFT eye

Obviously the eye shadow on my right eye is more vibrant than my left eye, it's brighter and shimmer is more apparent. It is absolutely must have product for those who love eye shadow, just like me! The primer also helps the eye shadow stay longer which is great or else I have to go to the wash room all the time for some touch ups :P

Verdict: I love this product and it's going to be my MUST HAVE item in my cosmetic bag.

My eye shadow palette :D
I used shimmer, dark solid brown and lavender for my eyes.
I might do a tutorial too LOL

Before I end this post, there is something I would to share with you guys how I take my photos and make up at the same time.

Behold my mini-unprofessional set up for my review photos 

Anyway, thank you for reading my first first first FIRST makeup review. 




Mizz Nina ft Flo Rida - Take Over



I am so happy that I could go to Sephora this evening just to get Urban Decay product.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original

Apply this on your eyes before your shadow for long wear, more vibrant colour and absolutely no creasing! It actually helps your eyeshadows pop :)

My mom bought some skincare products for herself. Thanks to her, I can get this Colorista Custom Makeup Palette 

This palette includes:
- 40 eye shadows
- 5 cream eyeliners
- 15 lipsticks/lipglosses
- 4 blushes
- 2 bronzers

The colours are vibrant and long lasting :)

For your purse, choose eight of your favorite colors and pop them into the customizable compact.

This is how you pick your colours for the compact :)

For example, this combination can give you romantic colours, maybe.. a movie date? :)

The palette will be my 21st birthday present from my mom. Yeah, she said that to me. Booo... I can't demand for a DSLR now. But anyhow, I love this palette!! :)


The Library

Ditched 7aste event for a simple night out at The Library
with my friends to celebrate our reborn.

well, not me. I still need to study in this long holiday.

Sometimes it's great to have time with your friends, you'll never know what lies in the future. As we all are in different paths, some are working; some are studying for their midterms. We never know when will we meet again. 

I wondered why we did not have Hoegaarden instead. meh...

Boyfie and I

That is Yunice and Martin :)

My hand looks so TINY! he has a big hand WOOT *hype*

I kept on blabbing something about past with them excitedly because it reminds me of who am I now after all of the dramas I had. 

B-GF-01, IOI Boulevard (Opposite IOI Mall), 
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47170 Puchong, Malaysia
03 8070 8077


i-city, Shah Alam

I am Grinch. muahahahahaahaha

peekaboo, I see you.

Taken this with my parents! :D lovessss... I actually look good in this photo *perasan*

Me with Patrick, who resembles my boyfie with big tummy

Till we meet again, trees of light!

PS: If you planned of going to i-city, make sure that you have taken any meal before heading there. Food choices are limited there. D:


Super 8 movie review

Was fortunate enough to attend the premier screening of SUPER 8 last Thursday, all thanks to Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas. This is my first time to attend a premier screening from Nuffnang :)

It is a MUST WATCH blockbuster movie this summer! I love the suspense of the movie, every scene has a terrible scenario which trilled me a lot. It's been AGESSSS for not watching this kind of spooky yet thrilling movies (I don't want horror flicks!). 

After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon. (IMBb)

The scene of the train crash could be a little exaggerating (as you can see in the trailer) but it explains EVERYTHING in the end. I love the every characters in this movie, each of them bring their own identity, especially Alice Dainard (played by Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning). I love her acting skill, so real! Also, Charles (played Riley Griffiths) is an outstanding boy with a sense of humour, he and Cary (played by Ryan Lee) always light up the theater hall.

Why they named this movie as SUPER 8? Watch it until the end to find out! :3
Hint: It's not about Alien.

Happy watching! If you had watched, write down your thoughts on this movie in the comment below. Thanks!

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Curves in blogging/life.

I used to jot down every bits of my life in a book, known as the diary. Usually I would write about the cute guy who talked to me in class or that annoying bitch who can’t keep her mouth shuts from days to days. Switching to blog was part of my transformation and it’s all happened when I chose to leave Penang (or my parents’ choice) and to live where my hometown is - Kuala Lumpur.

Dealing with loads of dramas in KL, I couldn’t the lifestyle over here. Frankly speaking, I wasn't like any of my classmates in a new school. To me, they choose friends based on your family financial status, what is your dad’s job or what phone you are using. In other words, they are quite materialistic or maybe, I couldn’t step out from my comfort zone.

I wasn't giving up, I looked through a trend where everyone is talking about: blog. I thought I could jot down every bits of my life on the laptop and not in a diary, that would save a lots of trees. The first post was actually a testing post, I blogged about MTV Awards. Nothing much.

The second post would be the emotional ones. One day my friend from Penang posted a class photo on Friendster, the photo is full of smiles which I can’t have. My first year in KL school was a mess, I wished I could go back and be with them.  
It was four years ago…

I was quite active once I had finished my National Service (NS) training, it was 2008. Eager to have a new life in KL as I have new friends from NS and some high school gatherings, I feel that I could have something which I wanted so much: friendship.

While waiting for Form 6 confirmation letter, one of my friend from Penang came down and wanted to have lunch with me after we had a quarrel for a year. He brought along his cousin, who I can say is a cool blur guy, who also happened to be my current boyfriend for 3 years. My blog was full of him him him him him him lol… A guy who practically saved my social life as I was hardly go out with anyone.

Optimistic much. Form 6 was a goof life, my new classmates were friendly and they have blogs, too! I always exchange thoughts on blogs and that is how I got so active and learnt a lot from blogging. It also the time I joined Nuffnang, I was able to reach out to other blogs and shared comments. Through blogging, I could say that it’s not about what you think, it’s about how you express yourself to the world or a certain community. Being a blogger for your years, as my life is starting to have sparks and meaningful, my blog is really…happy or emotionally happy.

I can get what I wanted so badly: Friendship and love.

Reading my old posts would lighten up my mood, I can feel how lucky I am. I was able to gain what I want in a year, I was able to step out from my comfort zone (going out and have fun), how outgoing I was (joining some public events without shame). I was having fun despite some sad posts.

2011 and here I am, attending classes in a university, having a stable relationship with that blur guy, great bonding with friends from Penang, Form 6 and uni mates. A blog which have memories, it reminds me of who am I, how lucky I am now, how blissful I am now. My blog may not be featured in a blogsphere or not about any exclusive events but my blog is unique, it represents of who am I, a normal girl just like any others in any ordinary life.

Frankly speaking, this is my online journal. Like it or not, it is a place for me to express everything.

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I've participated in Churp Churp: The Cutest Thing contest, so what does this contest is all about? Well, as they say, 

Churp Churp on the wall, who's the cutest of them all!?


Now the contest is in Voting phrase where you can vote these cute lovely looking adorable peeps (yes! Only peeps, no pet!! :p) Here is how you vote:

Step 1: ‘Like’ Churp Churp page on Facebook (

Step 2: Head to The Cutest Thing Contest Tab here

Step 3: Head to ‘Vote Now’ button 

Step 4: You can now start voting any favourite photos you like!

Remember, you can only vote once for each entry!

Here is my entry, the words ‘cute pie’ are actually an inside joke with my university mates. We keep calling each other cutie pie like nobody business :)


Vote for me (click here or the image above) because I’m a cutie pie!! :)

Thank you!