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[Review] THEFACESHOp - The THERAPY First Serum

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21 September 2016

I love to indulge a luxury experience at Manaco, being fancy and all that jazz, enjoying the view of the gorgeous beach while strolling along with bare feet pad along the pebbles rather than smooth sand. Would I ever have a chance of living in luxury life?




Maybe yes, because I found the perfect first serum from THEFACESHOP! Crafted with European traditional formula: Thalassotheraphy, it is condensed with 130 hand blended recipes with over 200 years of history! This is where Science meets natural with the infusion of “East Meets West” influenced collection – THE THERAPY First Serum.


The First Serum is an essential regimen first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare result by restoring balance to the skin. The best part is, it comes with provena anti-aging effect with rich mineral, blue algae that contain high anti-oxidant, perfect for those who want to have the youthful look!



What I really love it’s that the serum comes with a mild “salty sea” scent where it brings me to a new beach place while applying onto my skin. I always use it immediately after cleansing, my skin feels soothing instantly and hydrated, it’s like the quench of thirst of my skin is REAL. Also, I always use it as a face mist to relieve my stress at work. While staying in air-conditioned room for a long hour and hectic workload, this serum comes in handy to the rescue! There’s no visible change on my skin but I can feel instant refresh and hydrated!



Believe me, this is the must have first serum in your skincare regime if you’re suffering dry skin like me! Plus, you may now able to experience the luxury without breaking your bank account! THEFACESHOP The First Therapy retailed at RM 148.29 (inclusive 6% GST), available at major THEFACESHOP outlets across nation :3


*Product is given by THEFACESHOP as a gift of token. However, it doesn’t affect my personal opinion on this product.

Brewing the Perfect coffee at home with Nescafe Gold Barista Blend

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12 September 2016



I’m sure everyone loves coffee for that adrenaline rush when it comes to work and running errands. However, to brew the perfect cup of coffee every morning is always a challenge (Unless you have a personal chef at home, you should be good) because I am a LAZY person. and I have langsung NO IDEA how to have bancuh regular coffee.


Believe me, I really have serious issue in getting the right coffee every single time, #failure Well luckily, Nescafe’s latest coffee machine – Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style is here to boost up my day with one touch everyday!




I could have any of these lovely types of coffee – Espresso, Americano, Lungo, Cappuccino, and Latte to kick start my busy days with a minimal effort. All I need is to use Nescafe’s premium grade Gold Blend  for the perfect blend of coffee.






Keen to find out how you could get yourself one of this simple and fancy coffee machine from Nescafe? Nescafe Barista Machine will be launched on 14th September and will be available at Lazada!


Nescafe Gold Barista Blend Coffee Machine Debut Promotion


[Nescafe Barista Coffee Machine + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend 200gm Jar + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill Pack]

Only available at Lazada :


How does that sounds to you? Sounds amazing right!


Trust me, get this machine now and you will have the BETTER YES I MEAN BETTER DAYS ahead! Open-mouthed smile

[ALL TIME FAVOURITES] Restocking Laneige Products

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21 August 2016

The recent haze weather is killing me. The air pollution is affecting my mood and also my health! I have to constantly stay hydrated through a lot of water and avoid out door activities to avoid the overwhelmed bad condition outside!

Moreover, I have to restock my skin care products to stay hydrated with Laneige but I always refuse to purchase full range it is kinda pricey to me. However on one typical evening, I was tired and bored after work so I decided to watch Go Shop to see what products were they advertising AND Laneige was having this CRAZY-LY AFFORDABLE promotion (SERIOUSLY, IT WAS A CRAZY DEAL ALRIGHT) – Two Sleeping Masks + Multi Cleanser_EX + Power Essential Skin Refiner (Softener) + Balancing Emulsion for ONLY (I meant ONLY) RM229!

BANG! Right there, that promotion was shown in front of me. I was hesitated to purchase at first but the promotion was on going in the very last 15 minutes! Knowing that I LOVE to bargain offers, I immediately purchased it online and GUESS WHAT – Another RM20 off from Astro Go Shop Merdeka Promotion.

The whole package was sold at RM209! Plus, I received the parcel 2 days later in good condition. I’m wondering, has Christmas came early this year? Where can I find this promotion in store? I guess NONE.

Can I say that I’m the happiest child on earth?

Lesson learnt today: Never underestimate Astro Go Shop, they really do have plenty of crazy offers from genuine brands. And NOPE, I’m not paid to say this. lol. I have to share this out with you all, if you are bored, go to Astro Go Shop channel on their online store to check out their deals. This is one of the best shopping experience for me.

What was your best shopping experience? Any crazy offers that you couldn’t miss? Do let me know through commenting below!


| On
24 July 2016

What could be the best way to celebrate July? The Althea Turns 1 giveaway of course!


July was definitely a great month – My birthday, 8 years anniversary with my love and Althea was turning 1! I’m sure you have heard of Althea Korea, a Korean beauty online store that sells tons of Korean beauty products with many promotions and offers. And guess what, Althea has become the biggest beauty online store in South East Asia in just ONE year!




To celebrate the success of Althea in turning 1 this year, you are in the right timing! Althea is celebrating their 1st Birthday with fun promotions and giveaways!

  1. Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit
    For orders placed on 20/7 onwards. While stocks last.
  2. Free Goodies for first 1500 shoppers
    Full size beauty products. While stocks last.
  3. Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Seller for 100% REBATE!
    Rebate will be credited into your account.
  4. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest
    Love having fun with Althea? Wish them a happy birthday with Althea party kit and #AltheaTurns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as MacBook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M 10 selfie camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea. There will be over KRW10,000,000 to be win! *Contest ends at 15 Aug 16




Received my Althea box with beautifully designed beauty box with Althea Party Kit!









Thank you for the wonderful surprise, Althea! May you have a blessed 2016 with more exciting activities to come!


Why are you still waiting? Head over to Althea Website, Facebook and Instagram to find out more!

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